Girls Youth Coach Opening - Olentangy Orange


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Olentangy Orange Girls Wrestling
Job Title:
Girls Youth Program Head Coach
Stipend: $800-$1,000 (depending on number of girls)

Description: Job entails promoting, scheduling and organizing the ongoing growth of Olentangy Orange’s girls youth program: Olentangy Spark Wrestling. The program covers girls K-6 and is not limited to Olentangy students. Orange Girls Wrestling is focused on promoting an experience to both attract and retain girls youth wrestlers.
  • Two weekdays a week from 6:30-7:45 (when school is off, no practice)
  • A few open practices over winter break
  • Mid November until early February
  • Five Sunday “Hellickson League” tournaments in January and February
Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Assist girls high school staff in planning and promoting registration
  • Run practices based on personal skillset and USA Wrestling technique curriculum
  • Team may be broken into tiers, so coaching can be delegated to accomodate.
  • When available, you will have two solid, experienced assistants who coach in other areas of the program.
  • Coach at all four Hellickson youth tournaments and final league championship.
  • Act as group leader and collaborator for other volunteer coaches within the youth program.
  • Communicate with parents.
  • Handle discipline at events in accordance with team rules. Involve high school staff, when needed.
  • Oversee high school girls wrestlers as volunteers (in a partnership with girls high school staff).
  • Act as a good role model and an extension of the program when in the coaching capacity.
  • Maintain an appropriate coach-wrestler boundary
  • Stay abreast of all rule changes
Additional Amenities:
  • Coaching gear will be provided
  • No fee for your own children in the program

Contact with interest: