Florida's Dan Mullen: "Probably the best thing to do would’ve been play less games."


Go Buckeyes
I watched the second half of this game. Both teams seemed to do everything they could to lose the game. Best suggestion to Dan Mullen is, don't lose to a really bad team and you should be fine. Probably will end up with 4 losses when his season is over unless Covid-19 does him a favor and cancels his game(s).

Florida's Dan Mullen after tonight's loss on the CFP: "Probably the best thing to do would’ve been play less games. Because you seem to get rewarded this year for not playing."


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Odds are they will get rocked by Alabama next week anyway, but that was an absolutely awful loss last night that was exacerbated by one of the dumbest personal foul penalties I've ever seen. They literally lost because in a tied game situation they got a 3rd down stop and one of their guys decided it was a good idea to throw an LSU player's shoe down field.


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If the spread is under 40, bet Bama to cover. There's no chance in hell Florida will be prepared to play this game.


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Or don't throw shoes.....
If he'd gotten a PF for shoving an LSU player or saying something he shouldn't have, it would've been dumb, but forgivable. I can understand how a 20 yr old kid might lose his cool in a heated game. However, this was so far beyond stupid, I'm at a loss for words. I don't see how you can keep that guy on the team after this.