First Cleveland Browns Game


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I am considering going to a Browns game for my first time ever. Is there anything about the seats I need to know. I'm a big guy, are the seats wide or are they narrow like the Cincinnati Reds seats. Also curious about what a good section to see them would be. I'm not rich enough to be really close to the field, but am considering the 140s section. Thanks for the help!


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Don't do bleachers/dog pound (east end zone), even in low attendance games those will fill up and be tight and you'll stand for a decent amount of the game.

140s are great seats if you don't mind the end zone (that side has seats instead of bleachers). The concourse is also wider on that side of the stadium so there's less chaos getting to your seat. You'll have enough space, seats are big.

If you're planning to go Monday, parking will be a lot worse than usual. So either go earlier or just plan on parking in a garage with a walk.


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I've been in 140. Not a bad spot. I had seats there when Joe Thomas left the field with his injury, ending his streak and career. It's on a corner and the views are fine. If they keep playing like they have, tickets will get cheaper and cheaper.


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Browns stadium
21" width for Club Seats
19" width for General Seats

Reds seats after 2014 are 19" to 23"


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One quirk at Browns Stadium, in many sections the leg room varies every other row. More leg room in odd numbered rows.