Finneytown's best team in 10+ years!

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I have seen them play twice this year! They are leaps and bounds ahead from where they were the past 10 years. I think 7 of the last 10 they have finished at the bottom of the CHL.

they have 3 players avg'ing double figures

Ranlei Freeman (JR) 14ppg (2nd in the CHL)
Leah Fulton (SO) 12ppg (3rd in CHL) and 6 stl per game
Hailey Rozier (SR) 10ppg

Minus RIggs from IH , Finneytown should be the talk of the league 1/2 way through the year!
Riggs is and has been on another level. She has out scored 3 teams IH has faced this year Wyoming 19 Riggs 27, Madeira 15 Riggs 17 , Roger Bacon 25 Riggs 28