Final Scores (3/11)


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Cincinnati Purcell Marian - 57
Canal Fulton Northwest - 48

New Madison Tri-Village - 52
Toledo Christian - 50
Rylee Sagester led the Pats with 20 points. She finishes her career with over 2,000 points and an OHSAA record 401 three pointers. TV concluded a perfect 30-0 season.

Africentric - 75
Doylestown Chippewa - 62
Africentric made 14 shots in a row during the first half. They finish 24-4. Jaclyn Jundzilo had 15 points and Abby Henegar 14 for the Chipps who finish 25-5.

Cincinnati Princeton - 69
Olmsted Falls - 51
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After the D3 game I saw that the Wayne County League is still complaining. Their schools were the originators of the complaints that resulted in the creation and implementation of Competitive Balance.

Following the championship game in which Africentric defeated Doylestown there was a blond haired woman, looked to be middle aged, who came down the stands to Chippewa Coach Strock and could clearly be seen saying “It’s not fair…...” After Strock replied she again said “But it’s not fair.” Not sure what she doesn’t like now. Is it because Africentric is an urban school whereas Doylestown is a small rural community? FWIW, it was a competitive game.

Then shortly there after she came down onto the floor shouldering a brown backpack and seemed to head towards the locker rooms. Maybe a Chipps fan can identify her. Is she is Coach’s wife, daughter or DIL? Or a school personnel? It really doesn’t matter who she is. My point is as I started out in the post. Even with CB she and probably others are still not happy they aren’t winning SC.
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