Do any of you folks blame the kicker at THE Ohio State University, for the near miss loss?


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There are four parts to a kickers story in such cases. And his isn't even the most important aspect. Two others, properly executed, make the kickers attempt almost automatic. (HOWEVER, a FIFTY YARDER is FAR from automatic for anyone, anywhere) But THAT being said, OUR kicker, Podlesny, missed TWO shorter than his miss. Or this kick would have been a moot point. And HE may soon be drafted into the National Football League.

Now, this isn't ME talking per se'. I've been corresponding with a father for years, who knows quite a bit about success things. He has carried two sons to kicking camps for about a dozen or so years. And while one is Colquitt's sophomore FG kicker today. His oldest son is the current FG kicker for Florida State. And he credits the execution with other parts of the play, as the MOST important to success or failure. And he in turn, got much of his knowledge from a fifteen-year veteran of the NFL. There is a 1.3 second effective execution time, involved in a kick. And the kicker himself has .4 SECONDS to adjust to the previous three aspects of that kick. In fact, this NFL kicker said in fact, that kickers, when traded, often times take their HOLDER with them.

Therefore, IF you lay blame on the kicker. You MAY want to give him the benefit of the doubt. When NFL kickers get traded, they often have their holders go with them. That's ALSO why you have often seen long snappers drafted as well. But ALL THAT is predicated upon whether the OL is able to negate penetration by the rush of the DL and LBers. Watching the film, Jalen Carter et al., had drawn a bead on a true kick, and it more than likely would have been blocked. And it WOULD have been block #4, in the 2022 season.
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No but I do blame Ryan Day for allowing him to leave the team and travel the world for months and come back right before the season only to under achieve. Speaks to Ryan Day and his players coach soft culture.


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No. Everyone knew he was a 40 yard and in kicker. He, and OSU, would not have been in that position had Ryan Day not panicked with his play calling the final two offensive possessions. They plays on those two crucial drives were questionable at best and panicked at worst. The kicker had no chance and everyone knew it.


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Not real sure about college but for most NFL kickers, either a backup QB or the punter is the holder, and I don't recall these guys following each other around. The punter's #1 job is to punt, the #2 job is holding on XP's and FG's.

So it was mentioned that this kid left the team and traveled but was back before the season. Do you honestly expect the players to never leave campus and work on football 24/7?? Remember, this is college football, not professional .

It was a tough kick and he missed it. It happens. Day's choices were:
1. hail mary to the end zone, hope for a PI.
2 try a 50yd FG. He had to have a little faith in him to even take the chance.