Division VII Football Poll - Week 5 (09/19/22)


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They beat West Jefferson (albeit it isn’t a typical West Jeff) last week, but I thought the generally held opinion was they (SCC) were better last year.
Last year might have had more talent than this Cc team. This team seems more unified and focused. Coaching change to Jim Dimitroff looks like it helped. Irish still have big game with Greeneview for league and a bunch of points as long as team doesn’t stub their toe in the meantime. If coaches could get this team past the MAC in the playoffs Dimitroff should get coach of the year.


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How is New Bremen ahead of Lowellville? New Bremen just took a 22 point loss. No way does Lowellville lose to Marion Local.
The great thing about a new season is anything can happen and past years don’t matter. But, logic would tell you that one or two MAC schools will be there in the end. My guess is New Bremen, Marion Local and Coldwater are going to make deep runs with at least two of them winning state. I think anyone who watches Ohio high school would say this makes sense.