District Opening Heights


Are the opening heights for pole vault and high jump standard for all districts or can each one choose it's own height? I would have thought that they were standard for everyone.

At Mason the boys PV opened at 11 but Ross opened at 10.


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It should be based on seeds at each site. You want to get at least eight over the opening height, so you can score eight. At Ross the 6th, 7th, and 8th places only cleared 10 feet.


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It should be by district/region. That goes to the inequity between regions that comes about by the system.


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It is set by the entries. The goal is to try your best to make sure that all the scoring places are filled plus about 8 or so others. It is truly a crap shoot because of weather at the meet or early in the season. In my district opening height was 5'6". I do believe that there were 9 jumpers over 6'.