DII Massillon vs Hoban Updates (11/30/23)

From what I can tell, Hoban doesn't seem to do well at QB development. That is their weakness in this game and was definitely their weakness in last year's championship game.
Massillon ball on their 43.

1- pass incomplete
2- pass incomplete
3- run 3 yards
4- punting...ball rolls out at the 11.

:18 2Q
Watching on Spectrum you'd swear the camera operators are Hoban Alumni. Maybe Spectrum only has close up cameras on that side. Buy I swear I can probably tell you how many fillings the Hoban coach has! And don't say I'm a Massillon complainer, my niece was a Hoban cheerleader and my great nephew goes there.
I'm on the Hoban and the number of alumni, boosters and old white guys who crowd right up to the sideline stripe would rival Philly St. Joe's for pretentiousness.