Congratulations Greg Urbas


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Wrestling coach Greg Urbas was honored Saturday before the Eagles 4pm match @ St.Edward. Former Eagle wrestlers, alumni, etc raised over $100,000 and a school wing was named in honor of Mr. Urbas for all his years of accomplishments and dedication to the kids of St.Edward High School. A plaque honoring Mr. Urbas will also be placed in the wing named after him.

Congratulations Mr. Urbas and thank you for all your years of commitment to the boy's of St.Edward High. It is a direct result of your hard work that you made sure the boy's of St. Edward weren't beamin as they left for the real world and now have got it wired in life.:thumb: :thumb:

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They are naming a technology lab/classroom in the engineering building for him.

It was a great moment when they suprised him with the announcement. Seemed like a 5 minute standing ovation.


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Congratulations Coach!

Greg Urbas is a great coach and I'm happy to know the St. Ed's community is recognizing his dedication to the school, but to the students whose lives he has touched. More importantly, Coach Urbas is a great man and his legacy will not only be the number of state titles he's brought home, but the number of lives his postively influenced. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: