Clerking "bullpens" for 2021


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Curious what some of you are planning, if anything, about how to handle the clerking bullpen for 2021. In past years in my part of the state, we would have the clerks check competitors in for nearly every race down near the 100m start lines and take them down to the starting line a section at a time. We also like to keep the infield clear as much as possible so people can see what is happening on the other side of the track.

This year, I'm thinking we want to provide more room so competitors can space out right up until their race. I'm thinking about having the clerks set up near the football goalpost on the end opposite the finish line (if there aren't field events in that area). Kids can check in and then spread out on that end of the infield and wait for their race. Another option would be to have them check in at a clerk table set up somewhere out of the way to check in and then go away and report directly to the starting line for their race.

I'm open to suggestions.
We traditionally clerk all races but the 300H, 200 dash, 100/110 H, and 100 dash on the turf on our home sideline. Usually it gives the athletes plenty of room to warm up and a non muddy spot. The other races we clerk at their start line.