Canfield Hockey Schedule for 2017


Well-known member
11/18/2017 Canfield vs TBA scrimmage at The Ice Zone
12/1/2017 Benedictine vs Canfield at Cleveland Heights
12/2/2017 Canfield vs Orange at The Ice Zone
12/9/2017 Canfield vs Chagrin Falls at The Ice Zone
12/16/2017 NDCL vs Canfield at Mentor Civic Ice
1/6/2018 Canfield vs Benedictine at The Ice Zone
1/7/2018 Brecksville vs Canfield at John M Coyne Recreation Center
1/14/2018 Gilmour Academy vs Canfield at Gilmour Academy
1/19/2018 Chagrin Falls vs Canfield at Gilmour Academy
1/20/2018 Orange vs Canfield at The Pond
1/27/2018 Canfield vs Amherst Steele at The Ice Zone
1/28/2018 Canfield vs NDCL at The Ice Zone
2/3/2018 Canfield vs Brecksville at The Ice Zone
Baron Cup 2/5/2018 Canfield vs TBA at John M Coyne Recreation Center
Districts 2/12/2018 Canfield vs TBA at Kent State

As far as I know Canfield is the only hockey team within about a 45 minute radius. It will be interesting to see how much longer the program lasts.