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I LOVE YOU ON THE PLANET (languages of the world) <<< Click this for Waterband and great vibes

Я люблю вас на нашей планете From Russia (With Love)

Je vous aime sur la planète France

我在行星愛你 Traditional Chinese.

Ich liebe dich auf dem Planeten Germany (Tore down the wall!)

Ti amo sul pianeta Italian

Te amo en el planeta Spanish:

أحبك على كوكب الأرض Iraq (This is Arabic)

"Yo ah Love You On da Planet. From B-rad and the planet "Brad"

من دوست دارم در اين سياره Iran (This is Persian.)

Rwyf wrth fy modd i chi ar y blaned Wales (Welsh)

Я люблю тебе на планеті Ukranian

Ég elska þig á jörðinni Icelandic

Ek is lief vir jou op die planeet Afrikaans (closely resembles dutch and german)

मैं तुम ग्रह पर प्यार Hindi: (soon to represent the largest group on the planet)

Eu te amo no planeta Portuguese

Kocham cię na naszej planecie Polish

Jag älskar dig på planeten Swedish

איך האָב דיך ליב אויף די פּלאַנעט Yiddish:

An upcoming blog entry will include the ridiculous things I hear people say on the phone, when they’re talking with someone but they’re also looking for something on the internet. Next time you’re on the phone with someone who is looking something up, listen closely… you’ll be amazed at what you hear!

Today, I want to point it out that although water is one of the most important and basic elements to the cycle of life, too many times, it can also be a destructive force or a carrier of disease.

The surface of the earth is 75% water and the cycle of evaporation and precipitation under the current attack from industrialization have brought us to an important time in history. Here is a fact from

“Nearly one billion people lack access to safe water and 2.5 billion do not have improved sanitation. The health and economic impacts are staggering.”

It is a sobering reality that many times, more deaths occur after earthquakes and hurricanes and other natural disasters from drinking contaminated water, after the event than the initial disaster itself. Angry oceans and falling buildings are horrible tragedies and fill the pages of our newspapers. But the unknown and under published disaster is the one that occurs after nearly every broad scope disaster: A water crisis that kills unnecessarily and without mercy.

From wikipedia:

Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms which are directly transmitted when contaminated fresh water is consumed. Contaminated fresh water, used in the preparation of food, can be the source of foodborne disease through consumption of the same microorganisms. According to the World Health Organization, diarrheal disease accounts for an estimated 4.1% of the total daily global burden of disease and is responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million people every year. It was estimated that 88% of that burden is attributable to unsafe water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and is mostly concentrated in children in developing countries.[1]
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Every four seconds, someone on planet earth dies due to a disease that they contracted from contaminated water. Let’s find a way to get these people some water. That’s the purpose of this blog: give fresh water to humans and in doing so to tell them I LOVE YOU ON THE PLANET.

If Jesus, the great teacher were alive on the planet today, I wonder what he would do first. Well frankly, I think he would first declare an immediate worldwide cease fire. And just like in school when taking a test, The Teacher would say, “That’s it. Time’s up. Test over. Everyone put down your rifles.”

And then he would make sure that these struggling and confused foot soldiers, who have wasted their best years fighting in battles and wars, once they have stopped, that they all have a nice fresh cool glass of water to cool down and take a break. Replenish their bodies and their souls with something that gives life.

Live performance taping of the new song for release online on youtube coming to a town near you.

Be a part of the solution!
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French: Je vous aime sur la planète
German: Ich liebe dich auf dem Planeten
Italian: Ti amo sul pianeta
Spanish: Te amo en el planeta


أحبك على كوكب الأرض

We will be looking for as many languages as possible that say " I LOVE YOU ON THE PLANET." Above is Arabic, one of the older languages of man along with western languages that send a message.
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Deserves it's own entry:

From B-rad and the planet "Brad"

"Yo ah Love You On da Planet. Otay, buh-weet?"

Punctuation added.

Thanks B-Rad!
من دوست دارم در اين سياره

This is Persian. The language of Iran.
From Russia (With Love)

Я люблю вас на нашей планете

Yellow Jacket, nice! I like this one. When I looked it up on the translator, this one has a little different slant. This is a little closer to the reality that we're looking for... this one is directly translated as " I love you on OUR planet."


Visit Yellow_Jacket06's homepage!
Artist Bio

Waterband was founded by David "Dreadlock Dave" McDougald & John Welton. Both inspired by a higher calling and deep desire to send sincere positive vibrations into the universe. Enter into the Flow... Ryan Mitiska, Dan Carter & Jim Decapua and you have what today is known as Waterband. Waterband's form is ever changing, yet ever flowing... Waterband's sonic depth and changing forms allow them to perform as a dynamic acoustic ensemble or as a full-blown electric face melting aural assault! Waterband has performed over 1500 shows, since forming in 2001, and has released five CD's to critical acclaim. <<< Click this for Waterband and great vibes
我在行星愛你 Traditional Chinese.

The Chinese represent the largest group of people on the planet.

Tomorrow, I'll be looking for some of the languages of the southern hemisphere.
The following entries were submited by the poter named twbb.

मैं तुम ग्रह पर प्यार Hindi: (soon to represent the largest group on the planet)

Portuguese: Eu te amo no planeta

Polish: Kocham cię na naszej planecie

Swedish: Jag älskar dig på planeten

Yiddish: איך האָב דיך ליב אויף די פּלאַנעט

And we have two guys asking questins this morning. One is about why we should love people onthe planet. A very good question.

The other is about how people incajun swamp areas might say it.

I'll get to these a little later. I'm hoping that one will find out how the cajun say this and the other will find out why peopleon the planetshould love one another.

We'll be lookinig at this later.
Today is a wonderful day in North East Ohio. The Dallas Mavericks, who have been our favorite basketball team since winning the western conference finals, defeated the Miami Heatles and their self coronation grandstanding prior to conquering any kingdom during the off-season.

Wonderful because it would have been too much to take to have this person, who turned his back on his home, preferring to hold onto the coat tails of one who had been there instead of doing it himself and have it all work out for him. Just too much.

As for the champions who are almost already forgotten, Dirk Novitski will be recorded in my book as one who did it the right way. The LONE championship that he is now in possession of along with his team, is ONE that he will cherish.... never forget and cling to as a CROWNING achievement in his now, well established career.

Today, Dirk is the King. He earned it and his team mates know who he is and they glady and proudly FOLLOW HIM into battle.

A king does not leave his home to find his kingdom. He established himself and leads his people proudly, life or death.

Finally, The misery that is LeBron James is evidenced by his projecting it onto his former fans. He thinks we are miserable because he is miserable.

His misery is that he has nothing. He gave up everything so he could enjoy the success that he sought and "deserved." And he has nothing.

He is no king. Today, he lives in his own misery and still has no hardware.

A day to reflect on the pain caused by one incredibly out of touch and arrogant person. But that pain is long gone. Now it's replaced by laughter.
I Love You on the Planet

The event was too big and had to be moved to Slippery Rock Dunes in slippery Rock Pennsylvania.

Three days: 18 bands. Thousands of people and one seriosu statement to the planet.

The Mayor of Slippery Rock Pa has issued a proclamation for this event. Slippery Rock University is helping with sign language for the song. We need more and more and more languages of the world and invite you to an awesome event filled with fun and music for the family.

Please submit more examples of I love You on the Planet and take a look at the link on Yappi Blogs.

We are looking for members of the deaf and hearing impaired community to help with sign language at the event in the audience.

A portion of the proceeds go to building a well for a community that truly needs fresh water.

This latest is from Mery White of the band Four Us out of Akron. Here she is at open mic night singing a song she wrote called lemonade.

First up is her interview with conflict. An audience member wouldn't shut the (bleep) up and the interview had to be interrupted to shut this guy down... then right back to it and a very nice song.

Hope you enjoy!
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