BREAKING! OHSAA to return to 6 divisions in football, slated for 2024.


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heard they are going back to A, AA, AAA divisions....
I just caught wind of going to 1 division. Your current division is the amount of schools you can combine with:

D7: 7 D7 schools can combine into 1 team
D6: 6 D6 schools
D5: 5
D1: Gotta stick with what you got

Which division will the winner come from?


I click the link and its a music video. Somebody's bad idea of April Fool's joke.
The link doesn't work for me. Looks more like an April fool's joke.
Oh, for those that can't open the link or just didn't bother too,
the link works fine for a YouTube video of the song "Not gonna give you up"

Wasted time, so not that sorry for being THAT guy.


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I genuinely can't believe this.
As a MAC man, I'm not sure how to feel. Does this invalidate my alma maters state championship? Along with the rest of the D7 winners?
I will say though, this'll make a lot of Yappsters happy though. Guess the watering down was a real thing.

Here's the article
Jokes on you. Ads played before the song therefore I did not get Rick rolled!