Biggest Snake You've Seen in Ohio in the Wild

That's definitely bigger than the biggest one I had ever seen in the wild. When I was a kid, a black snake was hiding in some of the ground ivy around my friend's deck in their back yard while we were playing nearby. In the course of our play one of us stepped into the ivy and obviously scared the snake, which went shooting out of the ivy, crossed the back yard and went into the woods at the back of the yard. It happened so quickly, it was impossible to identify the type of snake, but my estimation was that it was probably 3.5 to 4.5 feet long (about as long as we were tall at the time). It might have been longer (as it slid along, it slid in that "S" shape that snakes make). And boy was it FAST.
13 feet, but that is when I took my Burmese out for a walk.

I have been bit by a fair share of critters and the old myth that a garter snake only bites once is not true. The water snakes are the worse though at biting but this thread isn't about that.

I would say out in the wild I've seen a 2 to 2 1/2 footer. The Water snakes in the area don't get that big. Used to see Garters all the the time but not anymore.
At least 6 feet up at my grandpa's cabin up in PA awhile back. My cousins were in a tent right outside and they woke up and it was out there and it kinda had them stranded waiting for it to make its move. It kept going up in a tree right by where my grandpa hooked his dog up outside. That was an issue. Not sure what happened to it. Would not surprise me if my grandpa shot it when we weren't around. :laugh:

When I lived in Michigan when I was little we had a lot of land and a huge rock pile that had literally 100 snakes that would sit out in the sun. My dad would kill them if they were out when he was mowing the lawn. He didn't run them over, he would pick them up and throw them against one of our barns. Then toss the dead ones into the lot next door. That stopped when a family moved in and built a house there. Good times.
About 30 years ago, I'm clearing a building site. It's at the edge of an old overgrown cornfield, so there are huge trees along the edge of the old woods, and 30 - 40 foot trees in what was a field. We began felling the smaller trees, but they were full of grape vines, and were busting up the branches of bigger maples and beech we had to save.

I go get this huge old wooden 40' ladder to cut vines from. The kind you hate to climb down and move. After a while, I'm getting dumb, reaching out way too far and one-handing vines with the chain saw. So, I'm leaning out really far, one hand and one foot on the ladder, and this giant Black snake drops off the vines above as I finish a cut, across a branch and right in face. It must have been sunning itself on the mat of vines or something.

It was the most startling thing I've ever experienced. I've been more scared, but never more instantly shocked. I still can't believe I didn't at least drop the chainsaw. That snake was over 6 foot long, and as big around as my wrist. I haven't seen a bigger one wild up here.