Ask the Ref!

Wanted to get clarification on an illegal stick call. Ref threw the flag after measuring the head and finding the bottom shooting string was 4-1/2" down from the top of the crosse. Clearly over the 4" maximum, no question on that part of the call. However he assesed a 3 minute, non releasable penalty and said the stick had to stay at the table.

I was under the impression that the rules stated that any stick found to be illegal, but that could be adjusted to comply, (ie: shooting string, deep pocket, anything string related) was only a 1 minute, non releasable penalty, and the stick could be adjusted and then be used for game play once back in compliance. I always thought the 3 minute non releasable was for pinched, modified, or non sanctioned heads?

I can't find my rule book, but it's last years anyway, so with the elimination of the U string, in 2016, this may be one of the new rule changes.

Just thought i'd throw it out to see if anyone knew for sure.

Red Right 88

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I believe the ref got it right. I've never seen anything other than what he called for any type of illegal stick: 3 minutes non-releasable, stick gets held.