Archbishop Alter Water Polo 2020-21

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Alter's senior class this year is absolutely loaded with talent. These grizzled veterans are poised and ready to make a push for back to back state titles. The Knight's freshman class looks promising as well, you could see major contribution from at least 3 freshmen this year maybe more. I don't think the question is what the Knights are going to do, rather, it's who's going to stop these Aqua Assassins.

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The Knights recently received a grant from the city of Kettering, and got approval to build their new aquatic center on the top of the school. This new contraption is set to begin construction at the beginning of 2021. The students have already given in the name of 'The Domsitz Dome' This will dome will be able to open and close at the top. It will feature two 50-Meter swimming pools and a 20ft deep dive well. This is where the up and coming Aqua Assassins will take the reigns of the D3 state title.
The aqua knights making a big comeback this year with the acquisition of Big man Grant Tabar. Transferred from Canada, last competing with the great Canadian Jugs winning gold in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.


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I do believe Alter can make a state run this year, but they will have to go through Hoban and I don't see that happening. Andrew Kohr the goalie for the Aqua Assassins is coming off an injury from football. I don't see him being able to recover and get back to what he used to be. Senior Josh Slocumb was also out with a concussion, although he has been running laps after school, I think he will lose a little zip on his shot. I wanted when they start their two-a-days?