Anybody still go shopping on Dec 26?


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Just curious if this was still a thing.

For years my parents and sister would get up early on that day, head out, then crow about the steals and deals they picked up when they got home (I would just be rolling out of bed). My wife started joining them for a few years, but hasn't for some time. I went out a few times, but never got into it. I did pick up a few lighted village pieces at 25% off one year, that's it.

On a side note, the Columbus Dispatch traditionally packed their Christmas Day edition with the ads to lure shoppers out the next day. My dad still gets the paper but the Dispatch announced last week they would NOT be printing editions for Dec 24-26 and Dec 31-Jan 2. Won't be long before they stop printing for good.


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Lol. It might still be 2005 or earlier, for all I know. Just like anything else, you get away from something or some place for several years, and then you don't recognize when you see it again.

That bit about the newspaper not publishing for 3 days made me think about that crazy shopping day, and also the lines of folks with Christmas returns. I don't get out nearly as much these days, just wondering what it's like out there now.

Did you hit your head and think it's still ,2005¿
Truthfully, I can walk down the street in my neighborhood, and it's still 1965, 1975, 1985, etc., all at the same time. My own personal time machine. And ghosts do exist, because I see them playing football on the street, mimicking their current heroes on the 1969 Cleveland Browns, or coming out to yell at us for letting the ball hit their car.


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Z: I suspect folks still do the shopping/returning thing between Christmas and New Year's, but - like you - I really don't know.

My street hasn't changed much over the years, either, except for subtle changes to the park across the street (baseball fields and basketball court out and playground and walking circle in - with scant fanfare).

After the local paper gradually shrunk to only a few pages - the sports being on one page and business news on the reverse, back page - I gave up on it. That was some years ago.

It seems strange because once upon a time I liked looking at the various sports standings and stats (box scores, etc.). And then - seeminly in lockstep with the paper's shrinking - I started looking at reading the comics/funnies and sports trivia as just another job. :(

Times change. Happy new year! :)
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My wife buys wrapping paper and cards for next Christmas on the 26th. I went with her this year. We bought a few strings of lights to add to the front yard. Everything was 50% off at Big Lots.

We are big spenders.