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We are now down to 5 perfect teams in SW Ohio among the 9 major conferences

Mount Notre Dame 6-0-0
Lakota West 5-0-0
Loveland 5-0-0
Waynesville 5-0-0
Valley View 4-0-0

West and MND play this week.
Loveland and West, and Waynesville and Valley View play the end of the Month. Best case there can only be 2 perfect teams when the dust settles.

Some good games this week. Mason and West, Loveland v Mason, Indian Hill v Mariemont (Game will likely decide who wins CHL), CCD v Summit (game will likely decide who wins MVC) and West vs. MND for probably #1 in the state.

I say West 5, Mason 2,
Loveland 2, Mason 1
Indian Hill 3 Mariemont 1 (MO will have all 3)
CCD 2, Summit 2

And West 4 MND 2

Leading scorers. 4 Seniors, 3 Freshman, 2 Juniors.

SWBL - 14 Goals Erbach Fr. OE ECNL
GMC - 11 goals Dudukovich Sr. OE ECNL
CHL - 10 Goals Koebbe Jr. OE ECNL
GCL-coed - 9 goals Sheppard Sr. ?
GWOC - 8 goals Cummings Fr. OE ECNL
MVC - 7 goals Cohen Sr OE ECNL
GGCL - 6 goals Postel Sr. TFA Elite
ECC - 6 Goals McIntire Jr. OE Regional
SWOC - 5 Goals Homan Fr. ?
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In your scenario you could actually have 3 finish with a perfect record. Maybe rethink your process there since MND and Loveland don't play, and MND is actually 7 and 0 since they beat East Saturday. By the way how is East not better?

West has the be the favorite because of their Seniors. But one of my daughters best friends is on MND and man that has to be the toughest schedule in the state they have run through. I'm rooting with my heart instead of my head and going with MND. Though I know I'm an idiot for betting against Dudukovich. Summit and CCD is tough for me too. Each team has both her keepers from club who are also friends and both are great, as well as just really good kids. Losing their amazing scorer from last year hurts CCD and a CCD loss helps us, so I say Summit 1-0 with a goal by Maddie S. and hopefully both keepers have stellar days. That'll make my house happy. Mariemont is better than Indian Hill. And the Loveland Mason game is always tough. Loveland in a close one.