2024 Eastern Buckeye Conference FB SKEDS and INFO


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2024 Eastern Buckeye Conference Tentative Football Schedules
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Looking over the non-league games for EBC members for the upcoming 2024 season it looks like West Branch, Alliance and Salem have the strongest schedules.
It’s looking like Minerva’s going to end that losing streak this year, unless St. Thomas is a lot stronger than previous years.
West Branch returns 20 of 22 starters and 4,500 yards of offense from an 11-win team. If Thomas is under center and not at WR, this offense will look a lot like the Dru DeShields offense from two years ago —only left-handed — in their Air Raid attack. Ask yourself this: Would you rather have the slippery Thomas touching the ball 60 times per game as a QB or 10 times per game as a receiver? The answer is an easy one for me.
If that Howland move is accurate, some mighty long road trips and transportation costs involved. Bus ride from Howland to Carrollton about 1 1/2 hours.
I’ll take a crack at it and say I don’t think anyone is touching West Branch this year. They have most of their team back from last minus the QB. A more interesting question would be can Minerva win a few games this year. I see 2 very winnable games on their schedule.

So 1 West Branch

Far away battling for 2nd
Alliance, Carrollton, Marlington