Article 2023 In season player spotlight/interview with Gerald Banks from Watkins Memorial


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What were your team goals heading into the season, and are you guys on pace to hit them?

“Our team Goals were to exceed our peers' expectations by playing as a team and having a different type of on-field chemistry, we have definitely been on pace to complete that goal soon. We all wanted to just play as a team and hold each other accountable and I feel like we have done a great job of doing so”.

What has been your favorite moment as an athlete?

My favorite moment as an athlete was when I scored my first varsity TD and realized that I had achieved one of my childhood dreams. That moment was everything to me.

Who is the best player you have ever faced in a game?

“The best player I have ever gone against is between 4 people. Raheem Biles(PC), Myles Harrison(PC), Rocco Williams(PC), and Keajuan Alexander(PC).

What has been your most embarrassing moment as an athlete?

“My most embarrassing moment was when we played Northridge. I took the handoff and I tried to make a cut but as soon as I hit the line of scrimmage I was picked up by 4 players and lifted over their hands like a human sacrifice”.

Up to this very moment, what has been your biggest achievement as a football player?

“When I started my first varsity game”.

What is one thing that you would like to do in a game but never have the opportunity to do?

“ I would like to do like a hurdl/spin at the same time so kind of like a 360 hurdl”.

What is one rule that you would change in high school football, along with the reason?

“The one rule that I would change is that we should have the option to hurdle the defender if we need to, because if we don’t have the room to outrun them on the sideline and they are a little bigger so we can’t run them over then we should be able to have another alternative so that we can expand our creativity”.

Where should the state finals be held?

“Either Ohio State’s stadium or The Crew stadium”.

What are your thoughts on 16 teams per region qualifying for playoffs?

"That it’s a good idea, only because you never know what team could pull out an underdog story, and everyone loves a good underdog story”. “I believe

Who is the one team you enjoy beating the most in Lickjng County?

“ Definitely will be Licking Hights”.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of practice?

“Favorite-Offensive Individual because it allows me to work on a specific skill and it gives me a chance to add something to my game. Least Favorite-Defensive first team vs. scout team because I just stand still and watch the defense destroy our underclassmen”.

How intense was the Brooke game last week?

“The Brooke game was extremely intense, for me at least. They made that game personal and after that first half of football we finally woke up and took care of what needed to be taken care of”.

What scares you?

“I hate snakes and Spiders”

Who are your favorite and least favorite teams?

“Favorites- Ohio State and New York Giants. Least Favorites-Georgia, Alabama, and the Cowboys”.

What is the one foot that you enjoy that most others do not?

“I love brussels sprouts”