2022 St. Ignatius Football


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Cats win first ever national rugby title, defeating Gonzaga (DC), 23-14. Lots of football players on this team. congratulations!
Lenehan in particular is a phenomenal player. Both the Cats and Eagles have flirted with the number one national ranking at times over the years. Nice to see Ignatius break through. Great sport that can also provide college opportunities for those guys that are great athletes but lack the measurables that other D1 sports obsess over.


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What's the situation for these kids in terms of HS? Does St. Ignatius offer these kids special treatment in terms of tuition? Seems wrong to dangle the carrot and then make them pay what others pay. Any ideas?
The students that chose to matriculate to the high school are eligible for the same aid that other students apply for. I'd venture to say that they are likely to get very generous aid since the Welsh Academy already only admits students from families for modest means.


Hearing that the final home game for the 2022 season, and Chico's last regular season game, will be played at Wasmer Field on the campus of St. Ignatius. Temporary stands will be brought in for the game against Clarkson North (Canadian team). If so, what a tribute to a man who has been head coach of the Wildcats for 40 years.


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Tough break for the Cats. Leaves a big hole in the secondary.
Agree, this is a significant loss - both in the defensive secondary as well as in the wide receiver group.
I had anticipated that Spellacy would have been a 2-way starter
Coming into this season as a junior, he already had offers from Iowa State, Toledo and a couple of other D1 programs


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Going to take some creative thinking for the starters on both sides of the ball this season.

Playing just the seniors is a rough path IMO.

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Was that Mutryn in his sophomore year?

It was his jr year, I believe. He graduated in 1994, so the 1993 season would have been his senior yr. I always enjoyed going to Boardman. I was taken by the size of their linemen; usually much larger than ours.

As for the Ignatius team, I remember going to see a game when these guys were freshmen. The late, great Dale Gabor sat next to me and he said, during warm-ups, that I was looking at the future state champions. He was right.


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Loved going to Boardman. The 94 game was played without Ramadii Parker. Boardman broke a couple of long runs.

2002 Hoyer missed a bunch of passes, as he did all season. His career ended up great, but he was frustrating to watch at Ignatius (at least to me).

I remember more than one Ignatius alum telling me Hoyer would be the best Ignatius QB ever after seeing him as a freshman.


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July....seems like we should be getting near the time where the schedule is finalized and published officially including gametimes. Seems like usually that is around middle of July normally if I recall correctly