2021 Steubenville Big Red

Win Total?

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Inky does have the intangibles to be a great player but he has to catch the ball. He dropped a ton of passes last year. I watched the freshman kid go up against our starting corners and safety’s in practice and he put on a show. His lack of development in route running with the freshman coaches is probably due to the fact they had no QB.
If bugs, hikam, inky, and hill can reach the potential we all think they are capable of then this offense will be deadly

I agree completely with you about Inky. His brother was the same way a few years back. They both have the size and speed, but they’re too mechanical in the way they run routes and catch the ball as opposed to being a natural receiver. They make even the simplest route look like a process, whereas natural receivers, like let’s say a Alec Taylor, make it look easy and fluid.
Great program. Always a tough team for D1. They play a heck of a schedule. OL plays St. X, Glenville, Dublin Coffman, Hillard Davidson, Hillard Bradley. So their schedule speaks for itself.

They win 8-11 games a year. Their the real deal. Heck of an opener. Liberty will probably have close to 100 players on their sideline
Won't wow you with the look test but they get after it. A blue blood program in Columbus. Great coach that has been there since the building opened.


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This won’t be the first time a so called juggernaut came into Harding stadium. I think our skill positions can compete with anyone in the state, but in order to win week 1 we have to win in the trenches.


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Should be a challenging week 1 game no doubt. Rumor is off season weight training program going well for several OL candidates with good weight gains and improving strength going on. Should have at least 3 lineman 280 lb range or better. This OL development important for 2021 success given the various returning skill position players in the mix and other underclassmen athletes coming up with talent to contribute.