2021 Division II Poll Voting Discussion (Week 5)


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  1. LaSalle - The warm up is over as GCL South play begins this week. I think D2 is the most open it’s been since CB was established. LaSalle can prove me wrong these next few weeks.
  2. Benedictine - I might have a slight bias when putting Benedictine this high but the AP voters agree (even though generally they don’t know jack).
  3. Massillon - No moral victories for the Tigers but they did look good on Friday. Does the freshmen keep playing?
  4. Hoban - oof.
  5. Walsh - Do 3 1-4 teams have more L2 points than Walsh half way through the year? Yes. Has Walsh absolutely destroyed everyone who isn’t ranked in this top 4? Also yes.
  6. Hudson - Still haven’t played a team with more than 1 win (and still won’t have after this week) but they’ve done what they’re supposed to.
  7. Kings - Top 4 in the AP poll last week and I expect they’ll stay there as long as they keep winning.
  8. Avon Lake - It looks like I spoke too soon about the whole 10-0 and SWC champs thing. If this list had 11 and 12 they’d probably be a few region 6 teams that should make for some fun regional games.
  9. Piqua - An undefeated team with a defense averaging only 5 points games is enough to get a nod on almost any state rankings.
  10. Austintown-Fitch - Here’s your shot. Go out there and take it.


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1 Lasalle
2 Benny
3 Hudson
4 Walsh
5 kings
6 Piqua
7 Fremont ross
8 big walnut
9 Willoughby South
10 austintown fitch


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I think Lasalle dominates R8. Hoban is way down, I’ve not seen much from Massillon except they stick with a very good St Ed
I've seen La Salle play four games this year and I'm really curious to see your reasoning here.
no science here, just think LaSalle will win R8 and are LESS down than the usual NEO opponents - Hoban or Massillon. Massillon did “stick with” a very good St Ed’s, maybe would add them at this point.