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    IVC 2022

    Dover Absolutely can not be in the IVC. Dover Heads to Malvern for a big IVC Matchup
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    Richmond Heights overpowering

    Ok my mistake I thought one of their stud Basketball players was the QB but that have been at his old school.
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    Richmond Heights overpowering

    ST V should be D1 no questions asked they have been too the Final 4 18 of the last 22 years. Richmond Heights and Lutheran East should be D2 but the problem is they can't move the basketball teams up and not move the football teams up as well and Lutheran East and Richmond Heights have decent...
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    competitive balance

    In that Situation the Mother did the correct thing by moving to the school district
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    competitive balance

    You can thank AAU and Open Enrolment. You want to change schools you need to move into the district with your parents not some host family or a coach
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    Sunday, March 20 State Championship Scores

    CB may move them up to D1. I did hear if they won title this season they had to move up.
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    Sunday, March 20 State Championship Scores

    I hope they go to D1 next year to make it a little more fair
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    Saturday, March 19 Semi-Final Scores

    Hiland played hard and had a great game plan like they always do but Heights was just too big and Athletic
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    March 12 Final Scores

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    Thursday, March 10 Final Scores

    Go to D1 St V. Give someone else a Chance please.
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    Friday, March 4 Final Scores

    Score revered Louisville won
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    Dover Basketball 2021-22

    It’s never a shock when Austintown Fitch beats someone. They need 5 divisions for basketball.
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    IVC Basketball 21-22

    SV is pretty good. Their record is de Sandy Valley has a nice team. They had some kids out early in the year but they have some nice wins and are really starting to play with Confidence
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    IVC 2022

    Yes I been saying that for Years. All these kids transfer to a school in the same league makes it very Lopsided
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    DII Stow District

    If the Irish were in D1 we wouldn't have to worry about it as much
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    DV: Versailles vs Kirtland Updates and Game Discussion

    Versailles just played better tonight.
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    Saturday Finals (Week 15)

    Thier is nothing you can do.
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    OHSAA Sets Football State Championships Schedule

    It's almost always the same schedule.
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    D2 Region 10: West Holmes vs Holy Name

    Just play at NP.
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    West Holmes Vs Holy name

    West Holmes vs Holy Name D3 region10 regional Final at Northwest. It’s not p minutes from my house just want mlsome peoples thought.