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  1. w1llie

    Elder Alumni Yard Signs

    lol, w1lllie is not THE Willie.
  2. w1llie

    Elder Alumni Yard Signs

  3. w1llie

    Week 5

    Oak Hills v Seton is tentatively re-scheduled for Saturday the 10th
  4. w1llie

    Colerain v. LaSalle

    how did score end 17-13 when LaSalle had ball on 45 with just over a minute to go? Lancers recover the fumble on the Colerain 5 yard line. With 1:41 remaining in the game the Lancers lead 17-7. "lancer twitter"
  5. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    I noticed this yesterday. was on glenway by western bowl etc.. my Kroger on North Bend is 3.99. ridiculous
  6. w1llie

    Elder Alumni Yard Signs

    neighbor just put up a '55 today. guy next door has a '71. colerain township area
  7. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    welp -
  8. w1llie

    Elder Wrestling 2021-2022

    found this in the wrestling forum. I've never seen updates posted by taking pictures of brackets posting on twitter. Massillon Perry 1st Dublin Coffman 2nd Olentangy Berlin 3rd
  9. w1llie

    St. Ignatius priest has been placed administrative leave

    it's a 7 year prison term due to the plea deal. (I'm guessing the 2 years served will be included and it will be 5?)
  10. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    I worked at a printing company (Amity). I think I made about 2.15 an hour
  11. w1llie

    Horror of Horrors!

    Brian combs said same thing earlier on 700 this morning.
  12. w1llie

    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    just over a year ago I moved to colerain township area, I recently saw a St Dominic 2021 graduation sign at a house on entry street to Lake View Hills. I've also seen a lot of Seton 2025 signs on jessup this year. maybe some of the James girls going there next year.
  13. w1llie

    Are you a true West Sider??

    After almost 12 years of construction. (first line of story. that seems extraordinarily long for any project)