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    Indian Valley @ Dover

    Indian Valley is 1 boy away from being D3 in football Dover is 1 boy away from being D3 in football What a colossal mismatch we have on our hands Friday night. In reality, the IVC is really not much different from what the ECOL was, minus Dover and New Phila.
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    CVCA leaving PAC

    West Holmes to PAC Dover to OCC
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    Dover Basketball 2021-22

    If I recall correctly, Indian Valley was pushing for the ECOL to go to a big school/small school alignment. They wouldn't or couldn't at that time and IV left. If the league would have made that move when the Braves were still in the league, I think this league would still be intact in some...
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    Unbeaten Dover coaching tree

    Upper Arlington is 12-0, their head coach Justin Buttermore was an assistant at Dover under Coach Ifft for 1 season. I don't think Coach Wallick played for Coach Ifft, while Gardner did.
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    Division III Region 9

    Haven't looked too closely at 1-8. If I get time before Friday I will do some computing.
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    Division III Region 9

    Did some quick calculations (i think my math is correct) for teams 11-16. This is assuming New Phila, SVSM & Harvey lose & Ravenna Wins. Also assumes NDCL and East win 11 - Ravenna - 16.456 12 - New Phila - 14.513 13 - NDCL - 12.497 14 - SVSM - 12.045 15 - East - 11.867 16 - Harvey - 10.222 The...