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    Week 1 Moeller 49 Massillon 31

    What's wrong with you guys. It's an 11 point game and you guys are talking like it's 50 to nothing.
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    Why are republicans such bad drivers.

    So according to Brian's own standard of driving it's democrates that's the bad drivers. Thanks for clearing that up Brian. 😀
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    Biden Administration Violates Private Property Rights

    Republicans need to wake up starting with the minority leader of the senate.
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    Why are republicans such bad drivers.

    Don't turn left in front of oncoming traffic, it will get you killed.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    They never did prove that did they?
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    Did they find Al Capone's vault yet. A source told CNN it's at Mar-A- Lago.
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    Best and worst uniforms in Ohio

    As a McKinley fan uniforms don't mean much to me but I agree with Benchboss1 on his take but I admit as far as helmets the big M on the front of the Massillons helmets during a few years of the 80's were extremely intimidating and pretty cool looking IMO.
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    Rudy, Is the End Near?

    The end is always near with these guys.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    So as of now nobody knows for sure what the FBI took right? Which means everybody is still guessing.
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    Mid-game attempts at patriotism

    If you mean the 7th inning stretch being the middle of the ballgame go back to playing "take me out to the ballgame". Anything else during the middle of the game can stop IMO.
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    Liz Cheney Campaign Ad

    Liz didn't lose this election by 40 points because of MAGA, it's because the citizens of Wyoming didn't like her. I don't care how conservative she is. Like somebody said last night on TV the Bush/Chaney doctrine is dead and buried for good. The never Trumpster are buried with them.
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    Liz Cheney Campaign Ad

    I always wonder when a politician or some mouth piece from the news media says we need to save democracy or the constitution what does that actually mean to them?
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    Is the US irreparably split

    as long as the left continues to support abortion I'll refuse to be persuaded on any thing they want to accomplice. It starts there.
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    Update on HOF developments

    That's what they do. If you said the sky was a pretty blue color today he would say not really a cloud moved by and I didn't see any blue and your wrong for saying it was blue. This guy and his twin should no longer be aloud to wonder outside there own thread on Massillon.
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    Update on HOF developments

    Since it's dark in that picture and the fact the game was delayed about an hour that could be 11 o'clock for all we can tell. When the game got under way the stadium had a lot more people.
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    2022 Canton McKinley Football Season

    How's the band looking this year pupsband?
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    2022 Canton McKinley Football Season

    Thanks for the information gentlemen.
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    Do The Democrats Want to Lose in the Midterms?

    Man this post is filled with so much false information.
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    GOP governors sent buses of migrants to D.C. — with no plan for what came next

    Did that mayor of NY come down off the ledge yet? He's got bigger problem's because it looks like he's going to lose about a thousand police officers soon.
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    In 6-1 decision, Ohio Supreme Court approves Icebreaker wind project in Lake Erie

    When I see windmills surrounding the good mister Obama family who now lives in Martha Vineyard in a nice size mansion on the eastern coast of rising sea water I'll then say go for it.