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    2022 Senate Races

    Polling across multiple states is trending BLUE.
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    DeFund the FBI

    Can't wait to see what violence the MAGA extremists conduct when trump is indicted. (TDS)
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    Biden on a roll!

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    Biden Administration is on a roll

    Since mid-June: -Gasoline prices down 90c/gallon -S&P 500 +13% -Bipartisan gun bill -Bipartisan semiconductors bill -Inflation Reduction Act - July Jobs 528,000 Meanwhile the GOP: - Denying 2020 election (Core primary positioning) - Covering up insurrection (erasing servers) - Taking...
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    Alex Jones - a yappi favorite in court

    Appears to be in deep legal trouble. He was grifting up to $800K a day with Info Wars off the GRocks of the world.
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    Kansas Voters Speak
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    Suburban Blue Wave

    The BLUE Wave is coming ....KANSAS....BLUE WAVE....KANSAS.....LOL
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    Trump with a middle finger to 9-11 survivors

    just an absolute middle finger to Americans as he sucks at the teat of the Saudis (with Jared)
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    2022 Polls

    Fox News poll of PENNSYLVANIA: PA-Sen Fetterman (D) 47 Oz (R) 36 PA-Gov Shapiro (D) 50 Mastriano (R) 40 (7/22-26, 908 RVs, live caller, +/- 3%) GEORGIA: GA- Sen Warnock (D-inc) 46 Walker (R) 42 GA-Gov Kemp (R-inc) 47 Abrams (D) 44 (7/22-26, 901 RVs, live caller, +/- 3% Abrams would have...
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    Why won't the GOP support Military Veterans
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    Would you vote for Mike Pence in 2024?

    Or is following his constitutional duty a deal breaker?
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    House moves to protect marriage equality after Roe decision

    The extremist on the right seem to be just getting warmed up.
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    Faux News

    For those complaining about fake news/media bias. How do you reconcile watching Faux News "
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    Brexit was a failure

    Brexit (like MAGA) phony populism was a failure. Lies never panned out. ""
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    Boris Johnson Resigns as UK prime minister

    It is crazy to see a right wing party willing to put country above party.
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    Jan 6th Hearings LIVE

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    Did the GQP overreach?

    They had the economy and the headwinds going in their direction. Now they have poor/radical candidates and have energized the liberal base and suburban women. Did they fumble their advantage? Marist/NPR/PBS has been good for Dems the cycle, but: Biden approval 40/54 Generic Ballot D 48-R41
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    Trump fatigue sets in: ‘Some donors are getting sick of the sh--show'

    It is one giant whiny grievance...with a dash of white nationalism.
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    Texas GOP Platform calls for full repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and a referendum on whether Texas should secede

    I am for this...good bye patriots. If you hate America leave... ""
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    "Newsmax Must Face Dominion’s $1.6B Defamation Lawsuit Over False Election Fraud Claims, Judge Rules,"

    The knew they were spinning lies to dipchits desperate for a trump win...