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    Elder Coaching

    I saw where LaSalle is searching for a new baseball coach again and it made me realize how blessed Elder is. Doubtful another school in the city, maybe state, and perhaps country can match the coaching stability Elder has had over the past three decades. There is a reason these coaches don’t...
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    Elder Golf Wins District!!!!!

    The Elder golf team won the district by 4 strokes earlier today. Twitter says first time this has happened since 1989! Panthers were runner-up to St X last week at sectionals but X failed to qualify today. Victor Caliguri shot a 74 as did freshman Cayse Morgan. Mike Schutte 77, Jake Langdon...
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    Masks, COVID, & science

    Masks have failed over and over again to have ANY impact on COVID. The virus is going to do what it does and masks do not slow/stop/prevent the spread. This has been proven repeatedly proven. Heck it even says so on the box the masks are packaged in!!! Yet, the decision makers continue to...
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    Elder now requiring masks

    Very disappointing news but it sounds like they are obligated under Cincy Board of Health guidelines. Now requiring masks only so other students do not have to quarantine if any classmate tests positive. For the past 12 months it has been proven over and over again that masks do not have any...
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    Oak Hills votes for masking to be optional

    The Oak Hills board voted 5-0 in favor of allowing each student/teacher/employee the option of wearing or not wearing a mask. If you want to wear a mask for symbolic reasons, you are allowed. If you don't believe in masks and want freedom, you are allowed. Props to Oak Hills for having the...
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    Yeah, but Trump...

    I'm now convinced, Trump losing the election (allegedly) is the best thing that could have happened for his legacy. With each passing day, his policies/opinion are proving to be correct over and over again. President Trump is going to eventually be remembered fondly for his "America First"...
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    Mandatory COVID vaccination?

    I was told Oak Hills is requiring all athletes to be vaccinated? I find this REALLY hard to believe and hope it’s not true. Anyone know? Any other area high schools requiring vaccinations to participate in athletics?
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    Are you fully vaccinated? Why or why not?

    I saw another thread asking if you were still wearing masks, and I am curious how many Yappsters have been fully vaccinated? If not, do you plan to anytime soon? If yes, do you plan to also have your children vaccinated?