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    Week 1 Moeller 49 Massillon 31

    Gotta love blaming the officials in the first half of the first game.
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    Colerain v. LaSalle

    Score if any?
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    This is what our country needs. A young hot woman who can still be a leader. But we have way to many prudes with a voice that will admonish her. People already dogging her bc she’s partying, but how is that any different from every president we’ve ever had that goes golfing or to their...
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    California becomes first state to provide free meals to all students

    I agree with what you are saying for sure. My parents took alot of pride in working extra hours to be able to put us through catholic school (4 of us in a 5 year span) K-12th grade and be able to pay for school lunches. I'm saying the government wastes so much money on truly idiotic stuff, I...
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    California becomes first state to provide free meals to all students

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around people opposing this. This directly benefits children that have no choice on this issue. Wether they have the greatest parents in the world that take advantage of this (which I wouldn’t do) or they are born into a terrible situation should be a mute point...
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    University of Akron installs nap pods on campus to help students rest, recharge

    Won’t this lead to more blood clots
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    California becomes first state to provide free meals to all students

    I’m not opposed at all. I went 1-12th grade with classmates who couldn’t afford lunch. Myself and three brother were extremely fortunate to have a mom that was awesome at balancing a budget allowing us to buy lunch everyday. We were also fortunate that my parents went to inner city catholic...
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    Tennis world in shock over 'horrible' scenes at Cincinnati Masters

    Quite the headline for nothing really tragic happening.
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    What are you watching?

    The Netflix documentary on Woodstock ‘99. It’s far better than the HBO one as they leave politics out of it. I wish they would’ve shown Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. Also I’m literally watching paint dry, as I just painted my dining room and am waiting to rehang everything.
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    Diocese of Columbus future planning

    Trolling I’m assuming. It with the current state of urban public schools, if you have the money, you send your kid to a private or catholic institution
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    Democratic violent city updates

    If any white teacher voted in favor of this, then they get what deserve. I'm going to assume that there is a handful of white teachers that truly feel guilty about being born white, and voted in favor of this. Why any parent ( no matter the background) would want a teacher that isn't the best in...
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    Calls for HBO to “replace” Bill Maher with Jon Stewart on Real Time

    Yet another example of "You are cool if you agree with how we think". As soon as he says anything that goes against the left side of the political spectrum it's time to shut it down. If he still getting the viewers that means the people for the most part like what they're hearing.
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    Starbucks asks labor board to suspend mail-in ballot union elections, alleging misconduct in voting process

    It’s always ok until it’s happening to you. The constant hypocrisy is hilarious. I though Democrats are pro-worker and pro-union.
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    Do The Democrats Want to Lose in the Midterms?

    Don’t just say “like Trump”. You have to add in all the DC elite as well.
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    Joe's Economy, Jobs, Covid, and the Market = Dow 31,146 ... NASDAQ 13,433

    Still can't understand how anyone openly cheers for politicians like they're your favorite athlete. That said, I cannot fathom how any sane person is ok with the current inflation just because our previous president was openly mean towards people and called a spade a spade. Cut off your nose to...
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    A special message to TDSers from Trump!

    Drug overdoses aren’t an issue until they directly effect a loved one. Then it’s “I mean they’re letting drug dealers just pour into this country without getting them”. Typical stuff. Never an issue until it’s in your front yard.
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    Ohio parent charged after over 200 teens partied at his property

    Maybe I'm psychotic, but I love telling my kids no (14,9, and 6) for things they just assume I'll be ok with. I've been to plenty of parties in high school that were certainly to big for the location (city living). There was only one house that the parents were home and just ignored what we were...
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    Pelosi: China is one of the freest societies in the world

    A drunk mans words, are a sober mans thoughts.
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    GOP governors sent buses of migrants to D.C. — with no plan for what came next

    It's quite amazing when people pop off about how others go about their business, unit it becomes their own business. Then all of a sudden it's an issue that needs to be dealt with. Just like our politicians calling for less police but living in high income neighborhoods or even gated communities.
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    U.S. economy adds 528,000 jobs in July, unemployment rate falls to 3.5%

    The entire "New Green Deal" is all talking points to get elected. This shows that the vast majority of people are ignorant and/or dumb. "Green energy is awesome because it doesn't pollute the air". It's not that hard to contemplate "where do the materials that make up green energy technology...