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  1. Lancermania

    SWO Rankings 10-25-50

    In 2007, a group of five called the SLIMS Committee dug deep to come up with an all time top ten for those who start their journey to state at what is now called the Mason, Ross, or New Richmond district meet, In 2015 that top ten was expanded to a top 25. Now in 2022, the current top 25 is...
  2. Lancermania

    SW District meet records for all four divisions updated and uploaded Mason, Ross, New Richmond D2 & D3

    Boys District meet records updated for 2022 for DI Mason, DI Ross, D2 New Richmond, and D3 New Richmond
  3. Lancermania

    District Champions for New Richmond D3 now Updated

    Boys New Richmond D3 District Winners now Updated with 2022 champions
  4. Lancermania

    New Richmond D2 District Winners 2022 Update

    The Distirct Winners for D2 New Richmond Boys have now added to the file thanks to the Guru
  5. Lancermania

    Ross District DI Winners

    The Ross DI Boys Winners have now added to the file from 2022 thanks to the GURU
  6. Lancermania

    Mason District Track & Field Winners Updated with 2022 Winners

    Mason District boys winners now updated with 2022 winners thanks to the GURU.
  7. Lancermania

    Cincinnati Districts Girls Individual Track & Field Champions

    2022 Girls Champions have been added to the file: Azariyah Bryant 100m, 200m, Elizabeth Whaley, 1600m Lauren Barnes, high jump, Princeton 4 x 400.
  8. Lancermania

    Cincinnati Districts Boys Individual State Champions Updated

    There were four new indviidual state champsions added to the file this year: Loveland 4 x 800 relay, Malachi Snow 110h, Ryan Chevalier 1600m and Summit 4 x 200 relay
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    Cincinnati Girls All Time Top 25 Rankings Updated
  10. Lancermania

    The Record Destroyer

    The Record Destroyer The 2022 OHSAA tournament was a testimonial of a runner never before seen in the history of the OHSAA The record books had to be rewritten each time she ran. Indian Hill’s Elizabeth Whaley was a record breaking machine at each level of competition. We begin with her...
  11. Lancermania

    Shameful State Record Keeping

    I bought a state meet program at this year's state meet and lo and behold they list a time as the state meet record on page 76 in the DI Boys 100 meter dash that can't be a record because the wind reading was over 2.0, 3.2 to be exact. Shameful!
  12. Lancermania

    Cincinnati All Time Boys Track and Field Meters Rankings
  13. Lancermania

    Nike Outdoor Nationals

    The Nike Outdoor Nationals are at Hayward Field at the University of Oregon June 16-18. Deadline to register is Wednesday, June 8th. It costs $55 to enter a single event, $220 for a relay team.
  14. Lancermania

    The World Athletics Championships are coming to the USA for the first time ever
  15. Lancermania

    Cincinnati City Records Girls

    Due to popular demand, I have updated the girls city records adding Elizabeth Whaley. Good bye Sam Bush. Good luck at NC State
  16. Lancermania

    District Meet Records Updated 2022

    Boys updated meet record for SWO have now been added to the coaches web site.
  17. Lancermania

    Greatest 200m field ever!

    The DI Wayne regional was suspended after the girls 100m. The timed final in the boys 200m heat two has got to be the greatest ever assembled from top to bottom, all eight runners are under 22 seconds, amazing. 1 Mir Ashraf Mason 21.83 2 Justin Re Elder 21.58 3 Koy Beasley LaSalle 21.55 4 Mekhi...
  18. Lancermania

    3 League Champions Stage Shootout at District Meet

    The Mason Distirct meet was a shootout between the GCLS, ECC, and GMC league champions with three points separating the top three teams. What a spectacle for those lucky enough to witness it. Top three team scores at Mason Distirct. 1st. - 86 points - St. Xavier - Greater Cincinnati League...
  19. Lancermania

    GCLS/GGCL League Meets

    The boys GCLS and girls GGCL meets are both at La Salle on Wednesday for the prelims and at UC on Friday for the finals, This has been confirmed by three schools.. I am in the process of confirming the boys records which will be posted soon. Anyone know anything about the girls records.
  20. Lancermania

    Princeton Spurlock Invitational on a Sunday?

    It just seems strange to me to be running a high school track meet today Sunday, April 10, 2022, perhaps the timing company suggested it Well, it's officially started