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    Dems ram through another massive spending fiasco

    Under the FALSE and MISLEADING title of Inflation Reduction Act, the dems are taxing and spending like never before. What a disgusting and fraudulent scheme to further destroy the economy and the middle class, all in their quest for more political power. These idiots need to be thoroughly...
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    Supreme Court deals leftists another blow in W.VA vs EPA

    Thankfully the court is shielding The People from the power and force of the out-of-control regulatory bureaucracies.
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    What's left for the Biden administration to destroy?

    Middle class - destroyed by inflation Seniors on fixed incomes - destroyed by inflation Retirement accounts - destroyed by tanking markets U.S. sovereignty - destroyed by open borders Economy - destroyed by Marxist policies Labor market - destroyed by paying people not to work Energy...
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    Liberal democrat hero sentenced to prison Dems seem embrace criminality due to their personal hatred; here is another example. Similarly, dems defend hillary clinton even though she is personally responsible for the...
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    Schumer blocks Senate school safety bill Republican senators outraged at CHUCK U. Sschumer: "Not surprising that the Democrat leader would lie about the bill he blocked that parents of Parkland victims have been trying to pass for...
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    401k carnage ........ Trump was right yet again.

    With the historic seven consecutive week slide in the markets, not seen since 1923, how is everyone handling the destruction of your 401k accounts. Everyone is a lot poorer, and yet faces dramatically higher costs of living. If you voted for joe biden, you need to start apologizing for the...
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    When will The Leaker be brought to justice ?

    This egregious leak must be dealt with swiftly and as harsh as possible. I can't believe it is taking over a week to get to the bottom of this abomination. One would even the think the home of the Politico raided should be raided by the FBI ......... as long as we're going to be consistent.
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    Biden turns bull market into a bear; the assaults on the U.S. continue

    My God, is there anything left for him to destroy ??
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    Biden labels half the country "extremists"

    He has lost it, now calling the MAGA folks the most extreme group in recent political history. Where is the leadership that he pledged in order to gain some unity? What a fraud.
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    Mayorkas must be removed from office

    If biden is not going to remove him, which he won't, then impeachment is hopefully forthcoming in January. Allowing the invasion at the border and the poisoning and killing of our young people is pure treason. biden/harris/mayorkas are complicit and guilty; they are destroying our country...
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    Biden proposes the highest taxes in the developed world

    The assault on the productive legal citizens rolls on ..... Analysis: Biden Budget Would Raise Income Tax Rates to Highest in Developed World The non-partisan Tax Foundation has analyzed President Biden’s FY 2023 budget. According to the Foundation, the budget would increase the federal...
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    Liberals, including Sherrod Brown, go full on Marxist They 100% create the problem; then they inject themselves again with their Marxist solution. We need to be rid of these...
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    Winning vs Losing

    Hard to believe the stark difference in results between Trump and Biden. We were winning left and right under Trump; he was right again - we almost got sick of winning. And then, in less than a year, we went full bore on losing. Trump, our republic and real Americans were winning on just...
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    Communist NYC mayor issues vax mandate

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday issued a “preemptive strike,” mandating that all private sector employees in the Big Apple be vaccinated against COVID-19 amid the new threat posed by the omicron variant, with the mandate taking effect later this month. DO NOT COMPLY
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    Rittenhouse media frenzy is to deflect from Biden's disastrous presidency

    Biden's policies and numbers are so bad, the media has to do something to get the negative spotlight off of him and his equally-embarrassing VP. There will be a lot more of this interference coming.
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    2022 mid-terms: republican (American) landslide Hopefully this holds up and ballot harvesting and other illegalities don't once again play a part in throwing the election(s). No wonder why the radicals in...
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    Biden nominee for OCC is a radical infiltrator

    He is literally putting enemies of American industry in charge; how can you be any more treasonous? A Marxist lover from the Soviet Union.
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    Consumer sentiment craters over inflation and labor crises No way to recover from this politically; can we put a stake in the failed liberal policies, once and for all ??
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    Biden Admin and media hacks: "lower your expectations"

    Now you're supposed to lower your expectations in the wake of the economic disruptions caused by government interference. When you go to the grocery store, don't necessarily expect to find groceries; when you go to a restaurant, don't necessarily expect to have a meal; when you go Christmas...
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    National School Walkout Day October 18th

    I sense The People have had enough with the radicals running our schools and much of government.