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    What happened to the Democratic party? BINGO
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    The Biden Recession

    Most likely; and until the government-created national labor crisis ends, we may never rebound.........especially with the socialists in charge.
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    Job description for the new IRS special agents

    Exactly. The total elimination of the IRS is a must, and move to a national sales tax that would require zero tax accounting. Then, decentralize every federal agency and move their offices out of D.C., scattered about the country so that this liberal DC beltway echo chamber can be dismantled...
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    This is the FBI?

    Chris Wray reports to the AG; the AG is liberal hack Merrick Garland who was appointed by Joe Biden. Please learn how this works before making a fool of yourself (again ..................and again ...................and again ....)
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    A special message to TDSers from Trump!

    And now, exactly what we predicted would happen is happening: we are paying billions for the invasion at the border, and we are also paying with ten of thousands of drug deaths in addition to the billions of dollars. But you do stupid.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    So you agree then that Hillary's house should most definitely been raided by the FBI and she should never have had the opportunity to literally destroy the records and the 33,000 emails in her possession that were under subpoena at the time? Please confirm.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    They'll probably plant his name on the Epstein Client List, and that will be the only name on the list when released. The magistrate who signed off on the warrant was an obama donor, and also defended Epstein employees. You can connect the dots.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    Hilarious. It was one of the best 4 years in U.S. presidential history, by nearly every metric, at least until the communist Chinese virus was circulated. They have had 'the guy' for 5 years now, they are still trying to find 'the crime' to pin on him. The weaponization of federal agencies...
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    Dems ram through another massive spending fiasco

    Most Americans are not fooled by this load of bullsh!t. Only the moronic left and the domestic enemies think this asinine legislation is good.
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    Gas Prices

    Winning is: Secure border No inflation $2 gasoline $3 natural gas Best economy ever Full employment No wars Crime under control Nato paying its share China slapped down All of which was destroyed in just 16 months by the biden regime.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    Yep. The magistrate who signed off on the warrant is an obama donor, and an Epstein employee defender.
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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    When the defenders of liberty and due process are labeled "crazy", you know your republic is in imminent danger.
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    This is the FBI?

    The weaponization of this agency is beyond shocking. If the leftists are going to weaponize the security state to go after their political opponents, we no longer have our republic.
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    What happened to the Democratic party?

    They've become the KGB of America. Buckle up, folks .............. the future is looking mighty bumpy.
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    Biden’s Dithering Irks White House Staff Guy can't even put his jacket on, or keep his glasses from falling off. My God, he actually has his finger on 'the button'.
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    A special message to TDSers from Trump!

    I have (minimal) empathy for those who don't understand that biden has caused ALL their misery. I think they probably have Long Trump Derangement Syndrome.
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    Papa Pelosi gets the judge he wants

    Two sets of justice, as we are all witnessing on the national stage. We're officially a banana republic.
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    Biden sold oil from emergency reserves to Chinese gas giant tied to scandal plagued Hunter

    We're there. The selling out of America by the Clintons and Bidens and others is unforgivable, not to mention treasonous.
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    Biden's inflation stoked to 30-year high

    8.5% That's the printed number; reality is much worse.