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    Any teams that will fall off or Improve greatly in 2021

    I'd say for my area teams like Princeton and Lakota East will make improvements, while teams Like Elder, and La Salle will take slight dips, while Ross, and Colerain will fall hard, I think Winton Woods will take a dip but will be masked like last year because they play in the ECC, any other...
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    with no Covid what would you believe your teams record would be?

    Im curious about this hypothetical What do you believe your schools record would be if we had a Normal 2020 season La Salle( this was the schedule before Covid) Lakota West: close but I think Branam would break West's defense once which all we need (win) Winton Woods: got exposed in regional...
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    Top 5 Teams in your County's History

    I'm Curious to hear people opinions on this In Hamilton County 1. 2004 Colerain 2. 2007 St. Xavier 3. 1980 Moeller 4. 2014 La Salle 5. 1977 Moeller