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    Job description for the new IRS special agents

    Special Agent “major duties,” which include “[carrying] a firearm and [being] willing to use deadly force, if necessary.” Applicants for the Special Agent position must also “be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.” As a...
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    Today's bombshell news that you won't see in this country

    Pentagon Memo Blows the Lid off Jan. 6 Committee’s Claims Trump Supported ‘Insurrection’ In the Inspector General’s report on the Department of Defense’s response to the Capitol riots, there is a passage that fundamentally undercuts everything the partisan January 6 committee has been claiming...
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    Huge news day that you won't hear in the USA most likely

    Trump Plans to Gut the Deep State in 2025, Cutting 50K Counterproductive Government Jobs Triple-Vaxxed Kids in England 137 Times MORE LIKELY to Die From Covid-19 Than Unvaxxed Children – Report Buried as Boris Johnson Resigned DOJ Working on Hunter Biden Plea Deal Despite Millions from China...
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    New Study Proves Conspiracy Theorists Right, ‘Experts’ Completely Wrong… AGAIN

    According to a major study by the New England Journal of Medicine published on June 9, the corporate media, Fauci followers, and Big Pharma’s narrative of covid jab efficacy has been proven to be wrong. The study reportedly collected data from over 100,000 people who had contracted the Omicron...
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    Former U.S. Ambassador Charged With Working on Behalf of Qatar WHILE IN OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE

    Par for the course. Anyone left in the beltway that works on behalf of the USA?
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    Trump used again to revive a libs failed career

    Deceptive Edits: Audio Contradicts Piers Morgan, Shows He Warped Trump Interview Ending in Promo Breitbart News of the end of Trump’s interview with Piers Morgan proves that Morgan and his team deceptively edited the interview to make it appear as though it was a contentious ending when it was...
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    A look at how deep the swamp is.

    Hunter Biden’s Laptops Scandal Exposes How Communist Influence Operations Work BY: HELEN RALEIGH APRIL 15, 2022 7 MIN READ One lesson from the ongoing scandal is that it lifted the curtain of foreign governments’ covert influence campaigns in the United States. HELEN RALEIGH VISIT ON...
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    For all the Biden supporters, you might want to study this just in case.

    Here’s How To Butcher A Chicken In Your Backyard For Dinner BY: LAURA BAXTER APRIL 13, 2022 6 MIN READ What practical steps can you take to protect your family’s food supply? Here’s a short guide to keeping and killing chickens. LAURA BAXTER MORE ARTICLES SHARE Share Article on Facebook Share...
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    welcome to the 80s

    For all of you youngins, good luck. The unelected idiot needs to go starting with the mid terms.
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    Libs preparing Bidens launch

    The idiot will be jettisoned in the near future. The MSM has turned on him and now the idiot will catch the plague. The hugging,kissing session with Pelosi will start the clock ticking. Goodbye dummy. Hope your still around when the hammer drops on your cabal.
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    The UN is not worth the investment

    How many UN troops are in Ukraine? The concept has gone by the wayside. You know it is corrupted when none are in Ukraine but UN planes and personnel were photographed and videoed in Canada,
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    What is the definition of "invasion"?

    The outpouring of support for Ukraine is impressive. 150,000 troops enter the country, and all hell breaks loose. The USA is invaded by 150,000 troops per month and barely a word is mentioned. Pouring across the southern border, troops from all over the world enter our country and kill, rape...
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    Is it time to discuss removing Biden from office?

    With his astonishingly poor record since his first election 40+ years ago, the damage to the country, conservative and liberal, has got to stop. Here's how dangerous the demented one has become. News outlets reported last week that Biden Administration officials had shared U.S. intelligence on...
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    Biden's foreign policies are working great

    China Threatens to Use Dreaded N-Bomb Against the United States... The US was rocked by a military and diplomatic earthquake on Monday after Chinese leaders revealed that the Middle Kingdom has constructed an N-bomb capable of reaching the mainland United States, and is prepared to use it. “If...
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    Saudis, UAE Refuse To Take Biden's Calls To Discuss Ukraine Situation, Talk To Putin Instead

    Saudis, UAE Refuse To Take Biden's Calls To Discuss Ukraine Situation, Talk To Putin Instead India and Brazil won't take the demented ones phone calls. The libs were worried that Trump was isolating the US to the world. Another lie exposed. Dear God, please give us some mean tweets before the...
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    Another major blunder by Biden

    Now York Times reporting that China was receiving our intelligence in an effort to help avert this invasion. They respect the idiot so much, they shared it with Moscow. Thanks Brandon.
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    Ukraine asks citizens to take up arms

    Too bad they don't have a second amendment. The govt. is trying to supply them with arms. Too little too late? It makes you wonder if most of the 40 million citizens had enough arms to repel 150,000 troops.
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    Four years of peace with Trump gone in a moment with Biden

    Well...that didn't take long. The idiot is well on his way to turning the USA into a third world country, now this. The northern hemisphere is on fire with the idiots lack of leadership. Please lord, allow the bad orange man's policies to be reactivated before the idiot kills the world.
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    What will it take to get rid of the Patriot Act?

    The intension has been bastardized so much, it is now useless. Our government is out of control and eliminating this would be a good start.
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    The Russian incursion pre-planned?

    The idiot playing our president OKs a "minor incursion". Too much to be a coincidence possibly. Now Germany not certifying the gas pipeline Trump warned about. As he warned, this will become a fake sanction. Finally...this event allows fake news CNN to limp along a bit longer while losing share...