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    Drew Pasteur is coming back!

    Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂
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    2022 Three Rivers Conference thread

    How are practices and numbers going for everyone?
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    Scrimmage Schedules?

    This should be a good gauge for both teams
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    Garaway @ bellaire

    Both teams will benefit from playing this game. They both will end up being major players come playoff time - tip my hat to them both for scheduling this game!
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    D7 R25 2022

    1000% fact
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    West Jefferson Roughriders 2022

    Agree and that is really cool! I’m sure he will do a great job at Westfall and get them turned around soon - they have had some very good teams in the past.
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    West Jefferson Roughriders 2022

    That is a pretty solid group (Westfall has been struggling pretty bad as of late).
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    West Jefferson Roughriders 2022

    What other schools did they throw against
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    Covington Football Faces Issues As Season Nears

    Yes he did!!! One of the best playoff games I have seen - just outstanding and a tremendous crowd as well.
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    Possible ref boycott in NEO. Is this statewide?

    How much of a raise are they asking for?
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    IUDOGS: Division VI, Region 24 (Who's going to win Region 24 ?? What does your Top Eight look like in Region 24 ??)

    Maybe the least talked about region in D6. Probably because Marion Local and Versailles and then a huge drop. ML Versailles Tri Village Williamsburg Anna Paint Valley Allen East Fairbanks No particular order for this bottom 6.
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    D3 - Region 11. What to expect?

    WCH should be solid…return the Kentucky commit at TE and return some nice pieces from last year. Had some pretty good young skill kids but not sure how good the lines were. I saw them play Western Brown
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    D3 - Region 11. What to expect?

    Chillicothe has an excellent coach for sure. Not sure what to think of Galloway - I know he is garnering all kinds of recruiting attention but dang I saw him play several times last year he has absolutely no physicality whatsoever and that was in a poor league. I know he is tearing it up on...
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    IUDOGS: 2022 Division VII Top Twenty-Five

    Was just curious to their number situation. I went to the Burg/ WJ game last year and they probably didn’t have but 30 guys. But they were something else though lol.
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    IUDOGS: 2022 Division V Top Twenty - Five

    Yep…that team is gonna cause some headaches for teams
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    IUDOGS: 2022 Division V Top Twenty - Five

    I would have Milton Union in the top 20 most definitely.
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    Division V, Region 20 - 2022

    Love this breakdown and agree on most. I agree on your top tier. I saw MU last year and if they stay semi injury free that is gonna be a very, very good team. They are my pick to win the region. Zane Trace did lose their QB but had a really good Sophomore in waiting so will depend how long it...
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    IUDOGS: 2022 Division VII Top Twenty-Five

    Has Burgs numbers improved? Didn’t they lose a great Senior class as well? But an outstanding coach and I believe still return a few very good players. I just think I remember at the end of last season they were worried about numbers heading into this season.
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    D6 Region 23

    My top Five: Fort Frye Bellaire Nelsonville-York West Jeff East Knox/Trimble
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    Mid-State League 2022