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    what is the best way for a young person to establish good credit?

    do you start with getting a credit card and paying off the balance every month? what is a good card to get?
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    WV Joe Manchin decides that another spending BILL is good for Americans.... so what is the truth behind this wonderful deal

    I thought this was dead, but again , the democrats feel they have to throw more money away.... to the liberals on here what is the GOOD and BAD about this Trillion $$$$$ bill
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    question for golfers---- does the golf ball make the difference?

    i know a lot has to do with how good the golfer is, but is there a difference in playing a $50/dozen ProV1 golf ball or a $20/dozen topflight or that type of a ball?
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    Over 100,000 Americans are dying every year... Fetanyl... what are the Politicians doing

    so why isn't this a big story, i haven't heard Biden mention this once? seems like every couple of days, the border patrol catches these POS illegals with enough pills to wipe out a entire American city.... hell last week in California, two POS illegals were arrested and let GO......they had...
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    How do you get rid of WEEDS........

    I'm on my third round of spraying Round UP, within 3 to 4 weeks they will be coming back.... what does everyone use to get rid of them for good?
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    Climate emergency executive order coming..........

    anybody want some info on this administration what the plan is ... watch the first 15 minutes of the Laura Ingraham tonight.....
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    China owns over 200,000 acres of farmland in America...

    and now they just bought acres in N Dakota next to a Airforce testing base....... why would America let this happen?
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    Lou Holtz nails it with what is happening today..

    Today everybody wants to talk about their RIGHTs and Privileges. and 40 years ago we talked about Obligations and responsibilities. To me, that describes society as a whole. Read that in a wonderful site, called press pro magazine......
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    the statement by Biden about a 10 year old girl that was raped in Ohio... was this a true story

    so Biden said this, is this a actually a TRUE story
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    listening to Mike Allen on WLW this morning, and saw some of it over the last few days.... both organizations want to put this on Children in K-12 about taking the parents out of the process of pushing transgender on kids in PUBLIC schools.... EVERY day is crap coming from the looney LEFT.....
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    James Caan... one of the best dies at age of 82

    One of my favorites, from playing Brian Piccolo to Sonny in the Godfather.....
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    Joe Biden in Cleveland Ohio.... where is waldo( Tim Ryan)

    he wasn't there, on stage with Uncle Joe.......why wouldn't he be there , when he has been supportive of everything Joe has brought forward in the last year and a Half...... heard he had scheduling issues...LOL!!!!!!!
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    The southern BORDER is the most dangerous in the world...according to the UN

    THe invasion is on full bore at the border, illegals, DRUGS, very bad dudes are crossing...... whatever needs to be done, needs to happen NOW, Biden should be impeached on this alone and that dumbazz bald dude who can never answer a question should be fired yesterday...
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    Define Liberal WORLD ORDER

    some clown advisor for Uncle Joe said yesterday..... concerning the TAKING one for the TEAM.... Americans need to accept paying more for GAS, for the "Liberal World Order"........ you just can't make this CRAP up anymore....
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    Tim Ryan.... what does he stand for

    heard he chimed in on abortion last week..... when asked if a woman has the right to take the childs LIFE minutes before it is born, he said the woman has that right..... i know he is trying to push himself off as a Moderate, but isn't he a flaming liberal?
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    OIL executives to meet with Bidens energy person.... why isn't Biden going to be in that meeting

    as HIGH as gas prices have ever been, and it's killing America, why wouldn't Joe be in that meeting? and I think this meeting should be televised..... this is something more then 9% of America are interested unlike the sham of the Jan 6th televised sham get togethers..
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    Biden to give 3 month Fed gas tax relief??

    so what about the infrastructure for roads and bridges... Biden says NO PROBLEM.... just passed the TRILLION infrastructure bill... so what do you plan to do with the extra .18 cents per gallon.....
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    would you give the JAB to your 6 month old baby?

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    what are the Positives for the RED Flag law that Idiots like Lindsey Graham is for?

    the big negative that I see is that it takes away DUE PROCESS....... So is it true, that someone can turn ANY person in?