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    2022 Massillon Football

    Is it true that Ardell Banks beat Freddie Lenix in the 100 meters Tuesday?
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    Who wins D4?

    Village not Valley.
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    New QB at Hoban

    Back on topic. Thank you.
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    Why Canton?

    Can all these Stadiums accommodate the influx of sports writers? Benson can.
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    DI: Springfield vs St Edward Updates and Game Discussion

    Two missed short field goals didn't help Springfield's cause.
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    DII: Hoban vs Winton Woods Updates and Game Discussion

    How good is Hoban's backup QB?
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    Massillon Washington vs Big Walnut

    There is no other d2 Team in the State that can match Massillon's team speed.
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    #5 Westerville South @ #4 Massillon Washington

    Remember Dublin Scioto team in 2016. Massillon was 30 points better than that team. Hope the tigers don't repeat that game.
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    #5 Westerville South @ #4 Massillon Washington

    You will see. Hope I'm wrong.
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    #5 Westerville South @ #4 Massillon Washington

    We are in big trouble tomorrow night.
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    Week 12: #6 Austintown Fitch (7-3) vs #3 Hoban (8-3)

    Hoban won't be able to contain Sherwood. This will keep Fitch in the game long enough to be victorious.
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    Fed League Week 12 Rematch: McKinley vs Jackson

    McKinley wins again.
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    Week 12: #6 Austintown Fitch (7-3) vs #3 Hoban (8-3)

    The Falcons have the tools to beat Hoban this year. Go Fitch!!!
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    #6 Austintown Fitch (6-3) vs #11 Warren Harding (5-5) "the rematch"

    I really like both schools, good luck to both of you.
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    #13 Col. Independence (5-5 @ #4 Massillon (8-2)

    John Hay eliminates Nordonia in first round.
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    #13 Col. Independence (5-5 @ #4 Massillon (8-2)

    If Massillon plays like they played during the second half of the McKinley game there is no doubt that they will be playing in the State Championship game this year.
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    ASVSM @ Dover

    Dover will have their hands full this week.
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    Friday Finals (Week 10)

    Zanesville logan?