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    My brand new article with state champion Carson Vanhoose (Read it here)

    He must have got all that speed from his Moms side of the family His Dad was never that fast when he played
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    Best team performance in STATE TITLE GAMES

    Impressive wins by all the division champs BUT Clinton-Massie down 3 touchdowns late in the 3rd coming back to win and doing it all by rushing the football. That’s crazy stupid unheard of and unbelievable
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    Congrats To Winton Woods

    Not many schools can say they beat 2 state champions in the same year.
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    Congrats To Winton Woods

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    Division IV State Championship: Clarksville Clinton-Massie (13-1) vs. Youngstown Ursuline (11-3)

    Wishing safe travel for all the Falcon faithful heading to Canton this morning Go Massie!
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    Lebanon Head Coaching Vacancy

    Jim Harbaugh gonna be available
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    DIV Region 16 Clinton-Massie vs Wyoming

    Both teams are very talented well coached and will be prepared for a battle probably gonna be the best game in South West Ohio this week
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    Division IV Region 16

    Yep your right. Maybe old timers kicking in or too much beam in the flask that night
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    Division IV Region 16

    Wow. I was right on the Eaton McNick site. Who knew ?? The Wyoming Massie game at Little Miami feels like a makeup call for the last “ neutral “ sites they played at
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    Division IV Region 16

    Probably at Monroe for Eaton & McNick. Last couple of times Wyoming and Massie played were basically home games for the Cowboys at Lakota and Princeton
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    Week 12: Cincinnati Deer Park (4-7) @ Coldwater (9-2)

    Cincinnati area teams have historically not faired well when in Cavalier Country Having made that trip several times myself it’s a long haul. It’s an even longer trip back after a beat down. Running Clock this game
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    Division IV Region 16

    Waverly at Massie is this weeks most intriguing game. Tigers throw the ball and Massie struggles against the pass. Falcons running game can just grind away at a defense Gonna be a good one Im saying whoever has the ball last wins this game
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    Friday Finals (Week 11)

    Massie. 55. Northridge 13
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    Is the Scott Killen Era over at Wilmington?

    BW was the real deal. Tough and smart. When that kid slid at the 5 against Kenton not scoring a for sure touchdown. He won the game
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    2021 Division IV Poll Voting Discussion (Final)

    Not familiar with that program so your statement may be true But I do know the fastest car doesn’t always win the race
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    Who are the best 16, 15, 14 or 13 seeds?

    Waynesville over Wyoming
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    Is the Scott Killen Era over at Wilmington?

    Was defensive coordinator when Massie won back to back state titles Way I heard He would be endorsed by Mcsurley as Massie new coach when bigger divisions schools came after a head coach with 2 state titles Now when that didn’t happen and Mcsurley stayed He opted for head coach position at...
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    Division IV Region 16

    I wouldn’t write off Milton Union just yet Playing at home will help their cause
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    Is the Scott Killen Era over at Wilmington?

    Yeah it’s time. kids love playing for him too But he was brought in to produce and by produce I mean beat Massie
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    Division IV Region 16

    Waynesville At Massie 1st round ?? Is that wishful thinking on your part ?