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    Papa Pelosi gets the judge he wants

    About as crooked as it gets. Dealing with dems in California..what would you expect?
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    Are generation of workers coming out of high school lazy?

    This is just an anecdotal story.. Hired a kid out of high school last week as welder. He was supposed to start on Monday. Monday morning I get a text from him "I had a family emergency this morning...can I start on Tuesday". Tuesday morning comes...he shows up surprisingly. "works" until 10...
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    16 yr old black teen attacks cop in NYC. Out of jail hours later. Great job dems!!!!!!!!!!! Way to back the blue!
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    Trump "Americans kneel to God and God alone"

    Front page of of course, this must be deemed to be offensive to liberals.
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    Nancy Pelosi husband purchases 5 million dollars of stock before key funding vote.

    I hate this witch with a passion.
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    Ray Epps and Jan. 6th.

    Watch this tucker segment and the video of Ray Epps included in it and tell me why Epps isn't in Jail? I think we all know why.
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    Biden Official "oil prices have came down at the fastest rate in decades" Lol..I'll just leave this here.
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    AOC Heckled.....wanted to deck him but didn't have time. Read this story. AOC can't believe this is allowed, however, she's ok with Supreme court justices being heckled at their house and bounties put on their locations. Also.."I wanted to deck him, but I had a vote to make" ...
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    Dementia Joe "Inflation indicators are out of date" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How pathetic of an attempt...more pathetic than the Putin price hike lie.
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    Fauci concedes "covid vaccine doesn't protect overly well" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. And how much money did he and this administration make by pushing this bullcrap?
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    Dementia Joe "92% of Dems will vote for me again, read the polls, Jack!"

    He seriously just reminds me of my 92 yr old step father. He's getting angry and senile.
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    Hunter biden Films himself weighing crack

    No arrest?
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    Satan responds to the Overturning of Roe Vs. Wade

    This is pure comic genius. Hits on both the dems and the republicans.
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    Kamala Harris one sentence describes the libs true view on nearly everything.

    Kamala Harris in her CNN interview: “Everybody has something at risk on this. First of all, if you are the parent of sons.” [Nods conspiratorially.] Harris thinks this is the first thing on everyone’s minds: how Roe affects the parents of sons? “Do think about what this means for the life of...
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    Biden blaming small gas station owners for high prices..and now asking for more oil to be refined.

    After he ran on shutting oil companies down, he wants more refineries built. This guy is an empty suit, a plastic man with fake hair and teeth..without a brain.
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    ROE VS WADE OVERTURNED!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Biden Caught Using cheat sheet during meeting...

    First on the list..."walk into room, say hello to everyone and sit down." You can't make this shiete up!!!! The guy is senile. Watch the video...he doesn't even do well with the extensive cheat sheet.
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    Epstein Trial...what happened to it..where's the list of pedophiles that flew on that plane?

    Me and my brother were talking this morning. Isn't it amazing that the Johnny Depp trial was broadcast....reported on every day. Epstein special coverage, narely a mention. Where's the list of pedophiles provided by Epsteins girlfriend? Why isnt the media asking for it...
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    New York City destroys 900 ATV's and Motorcycles with bulldozer Because ya know..those bikes couldn't be sold, right? I mean..they couldn't have been sold and the money given to lets say, the poor or homeless. And the environmental cost of not stripping these bikes down first...
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    Biden to hand out gas rebate cards Nothing like throwing out more free money to increase inflation. As if we didn't think dems were financially illiterate before this.