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    Classic Biden
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    Auto Correct

    I got a new cell and the auto correct is driving me crazy. Anybody else out there want to take a sledge hammer to their cell phones? lol
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    What is it with Spectrum and FS1

    My FS1 channel constantly freezes up and it's the only channel that happens to. What's up with that? Does anybody else have that issue?
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    Here's a question?

    Why do commercials on TV need to be so loud?
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    Qasem Soleimani

    So when Trump ordered a drone strike it killed one of the top terrorist who was responsible for killing hundreds of American soldiers and wounded thousands of soldiers with road side bombs and the Dems wanted to hold hearings and get to the bottom of it. Biden's drone strike kills 7 children and...
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    Here's a Covid-19 question for anybody.

    Whether you've had the covid-19 vaccine or not , f you've had covid-19 what method of treatment did your doctor use or what method did you use on your own? Doesn't need to be political.
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    Another lie by the Biden Administration This administration told us a terrorist was killed but had no idea who or how many. We just aimed and fired.