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    IRS Hiring Add. You must read this
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    Pete Rose

    Love him or hate him he should be in the hall. Imo Put a plaque there detailing his transgressions. I read this article today. Why so much hate? Pete is Pete, take him or leave him.
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    Mark Robinson inspired
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    This is the FBI?

    How did this guy even keep his job? You can't make this stuff up.
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    What a Double Standard. Put these Dems in jail. 2022 Justice coming

    This is unbelievable. One of these men was an Attorney General. Pure evil BS
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    Wedding crasher

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    Witch Hunts

    Witch Hunts aren't exclusive to Democrats. But, they were used extensively against President Trump "Witch Hunts generally have four properties: they seem to come out of nowhere; they involve charges of crimes against the collective; the offenses that lead to those charges are often trivial or...
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    Hispanics will be Republican

    It's my opinion that Hispanics will infuse the Republican Party. The Democrats are playing with fire and are getting burned.
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    I'll keep my guns.
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    Sam Brinton and Biden administration Wow!
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    Illegal immigration and crime. Unreal !!!

    What's the answer to stop this?
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    Jim Jordan knows how to get answers
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    A glimpse inside the Supreme Court
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    Primetime propaganda and its treasonus

    Who represents President Trump? This political prime time made for TV show is abhorrent. Propaganda and it's illegal. This vigilante form of prime time justice is unfathomable. Red wave is coming and these Democrats must be held accountable.
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    List the new insane political policies

    I'll start with Cow facts
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    Electric car owners must pay their fair share.

    The consumer must pay their fair share.
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    Peter Navarro arrested Then we had this
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    Democrats in Georgia show election issues.
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    Gofundme accounts for Texas school shooting victims

    I'll try and research a few. Are others willing to do the same? It won't replace a life, but monetary support can't hurt. Imo We should be able to post links.