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    Withrow vs Hoban?

    I heard this game is happening. Has anyone else? Did Withrow get much, much better this off-season?
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    Mike Edwards Winton Woods

    Congratulations to WW grad Mike Edwards! He was named NFC Defensive Player of the week for his performance vs the Atlanta Falcons! 4 tackles 2 INT’s 2 TD’s 3 PD Great job young man!
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    West Clermont at Winton Woods

    WC comes in with a 1 and 3 record with a win over winless Lebanon. I’m sure WC will come in fired up and ready to take it to the Warriors. WW coming off a victory last Friday threw the ball less and got the running game going. No Gimme games for WW this season but hopefully WW can win and gain...
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    The ECC!

    The ECC is going to a 9 game schedule. I don’t like it, PERIOD!
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    WW at Lebanon

    Any thoughts? WW coaches need to continue to stir the ship. Limit the mistakes and get the 2nd victory. Any info on Lebanon?
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    Trump’s spending!
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    Camp at Princeton

    Camp for younger football players. Conducted by WW football alumni now NFL players, David Long & Mike Edwards
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    Been going on for generations
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    The Washington Post

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    More foolishness!

    This is in the DNA of America! More systematic racism! Happens ALL THE TIME! SMH. Can’t get a equal chance in any aspect of living black in this country...
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    More proof!

    Systematic racism is embedded in our countries DNA. I speak of this often. Here is another example of it! Of course you don’t agree.
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    Third Party

    There are sensible Republicans! More than 100 Republicans are threatening to leave the Republican Party if they don’t split with Trump! This could be interesting!