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  1. MoeDude

    A special message to TDSers from Trump!

    Perfect! LOL
  2. MoeDude

    Happier, please help!

    Happier I need your help! I’m confused why would the GOP try to keep a QAnon leader out of a public office? You seem to be the resident know it all about The Q! Please explain this predicament!!!
  3. MoeDude

    Beware of those "secret" ingredients in food contests!!!!

  4. MoeDude

    1/6 Hearing = Lies, Lies and more Lies
  5. MoeDude

    Selling Vinyl!

    Have you tried selling your old albums? I had 375 albums mostly from the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. I check two vintage stores and they were about the same. The one I decided to sell to did offer a bit more but I connected with the buyer more. A customer in the first store talked to...
  6. MoeDude

    The Pit

    I thought you all would enjoy this one. :cool: The Pit is an awesome high school stadium. Here's a link to a chat about toughest high school stadiums to play.
  7. MoeDude

    The "improving of foreign viewpoints" lie

    Sad you have to see Australian tv to get the real impressions. Biden is the laughing stock around the world and an embarrassment to the US. This isn't the first time I've seen a foreign news broadcast calling out what a buffoon Biden is.
  8. MoeDude

    History of concert ticket prices.

    I'm a big Bob Seger fan and I was going through some old memorabilia when I came across old ticket stubs for Bob Seger concerts. It was interesting to see the price differences from my first Seger concert in 1978 for $7 to my most recent concert in December 2018 for $120. Share your ticket...
  9. MoeDude

    Signs our nation is crumbling

    He didn’t deserve the way he died but he also doesn’t deserve to be memorialized like some hero. This really is out of control
  10. MoeDude

    A couple of question for supporters of the new Democrat Party

    Do you really support Socialism? Do you honestly feel that the government has your best interest in mind and will take care of all of us?
  11. MoeDude

    ARMED woman takes down shooter!

    Here’s one you won’t see on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC. How sad you have to see this on BBC. If this was on any of the above it was buried because it doesn’t fit the Leftist agenda...
  12. MoeDude

    Great Sportsmanship Story

    I know this isn't a debate topic but with all the vitriol flying around these days I thought a great story of sportsmanship would be good to share. This comes out of the Eastern Cincinnati Conference and occurred during a Milford- Winton Woods lacrosse game on April 30th. I have two nephews...
  13. MoeDude

    This is why TDSers have a problem with Trump!

    He was right!
  14. MoeDude

    How is leaving your border open good for the country?

    I'd like one of the Lefty posters on here provide a rational argument supporting the mess at our southern border. Why isn't Congress doing more to stop this?
  15. MoeDude

    Food Plant Fires

    I can predict the typical response from our Leftist friends on Yappi but there is something amiss with all the food plant fires that have occurred this year. Of course SNOPES and other false fact checking sites are trying to down play this and say it's not a valid conspiracy concern. In the...
  16. MoeDude

    Will Ohio High Schools need to hire a Director of NIL?

    This change will be very interesting if the OHSAA passes this referendum later this year. What are some thoughts on this one? Since it impacts all sports I thought the debate forum was a good place to discuss this. If not Yappi can move it.
  17. MoeDude

    What is a synonym for Hypocrisy?

    Democrat! So making death threats against the Supreme Court Justices is righteous...
  18. MoeDude


    You have to give the resident TDSers credit for trying. You gotta love how Happier, Mean Machine, Harry ect. keep creating topics about Trump while ignoring the current train wreck in the White House. By the way, who was that imaginary friend Creepy Joe was shaking hands with last week?!?!?
  19. MoeDude

    New Toy for TDSers

    Happier and Mean Machine are going to be jealous that they don't have one of these
  20. MoeDude

    Will you be rooting for Tiger Woods at The Masters?

    I wish him the best and hope he is in contention on the last day of the tournament. His personal problems aside he was good for golf when he was in his prime. The way he used to make shots down the stretch to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat was always a wonder to watch. I hope he...