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  1. John Lee Pettimore

    The PAC 7 and the NFL

    Saw where Dominique Robinson of Canton Timken was drafted by the Chicago Bears, any other PAC 7 players in the NFL?
  2. John Lee Pettimore

    Region 7 Championship: #4 Massillon vs #7 Green

    Greens strength is Massillon's weakness. Green 28 Massillon 21
  3. John Lee Pettimore

    #13 Col. Independence (5-5 @ #4 Massillon (8-2)

    Who wins?
  4. John Lee Pettimore

    On this date, Sept. 13th 1991

    Massillon's Travis McGuire rushes for 132 yards and 2 TD's on only 11 carries as Massillon pounds Akron Garfield 60-13 in front of 10,753 fans. McGuire finish the season with 1,976 yards, a single season record.
  5. John Lee Pettimore

    St. Edward (4-0) @ Massillon (3-1)

    St. Ed appears to be running on all cylinders, Massillon has a few misfiring. Massillon cannot be one dimensional on offense and better figure out how to not only cover, but to get pressure on the QB defensively. This could get ugly.
  6. John Lee Pettimore

    (1-0) GlenOak @ (0-1) Massillon

    Who ya got?
  7. John Lee Pettimore

    Massillon @ St. Xavier scrimmage #2

    Does McElroy get the brunt of the reps? Do we get Hartson a few totes them get him out? Does our secondary make some strides? Do our receivers catch the ball? (Not sure how they looked @ Avon but in the 7/7s they dropped a lot of balls) Do we continue to rotate OLmen in to create some depth.
  8. John Lee Pettimore

    Massillon @ Avon scrimmage #1

    What are we looking to accomplish here other than the obvious....STAY HEALTHY. Need to get McElroy some (somewhat meaningful) reps against someone other than his teammates. Find out who's gonna fly to the ball, (I'm sure there won't be TOO much contact) See if our DBs can carry out an...