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    Restaurant chains that are no more Do not recall most of these. We still have a couple Frisch's Big Boy's in my neck of the woods. Chi-Chis and Ponderosa are ones I recogonize (I miss Ponderosa TBH). In NWOhio there was a small Midwest chain called Sveden House...
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    How The Left Was Lost

    Pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment.
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    Disingenuous CNN - Duante Wright Trial They keep showing his girlfriend and mom crying. Of course they are sad and/or upset but they continually forget to report that he broke the law and resisted arrest. Officer Potter is put under a microscope but the criminal...
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    Yuval Harari on Artificial Intelligence (60 Minutes) Where is gneiss_rocks when you need him? We have all known AI will be a difficult thing to contain not to...
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    Facebook whistleblower on 60 Minutes For the record, I am adamently against banning anyone from Fakebook or Twitter or any social media platform. You fight information, even if bad, with better information. But this goes well beyond Trump's ban. This goes...
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    Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy PSA for the Covid-19 vaccination

    This is where we are at in society today. Cartoon's to combat all of the BS misinformation in order to help the adult mouth breathers realize the vaccine makes sense. :ROFLMAO:
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    College Football 2021-2022

    Phil Steele is out and per usual it is the best publication for college football. One of the many metrics he uses is the PS (Phil Steele) ranking of players. He takes 5-7 of the top recruiting services, takes any given player's ranking amongst those services, and then divides by the number of...
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    SpaceX Starlink Satellites

    Was pretty certain I saw UFO's last night. There was a line of around 20 lights that appeared high in the atmosphere in the NW sky. They appeared in a linear fashion and then disappeared. No blinking lights, one right after the other like getting shot out of a cannon. Did some quick research...