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    WTF kind of article is this? More leftist media cheerleading.....
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    This can't be real.....
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    More tolerance from the leftists...
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    DeSantis 2024
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    Where is blm and the systemic racist crowd????
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    The government has more money than any individual.....

    Therefore they should take care of everyone. No one needs to work anymore, just not sure how the revenue they need to take care of everyone is going to get created? Equality for all, therefore no one should be expected to work, since we are all "equal". Maybe we could all go to Cuba and...
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    Why Delta variant?

    It's origin is in India, shouldn't it be called the India variant?
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    More theft(wealth transfer), where is the money coming from?
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    Why block American streets?

    I think America agrees with you, but why intrude on Americans from using roads, that are paid for with American taxpayer money?
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    BLM popularity decline blamed on GOP says the New York Times Excerpt from article might have exposed real reason..... BLM rioters injured police...
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    WTF does this mean...

    Saw a couple of these bumper stickers and yard signs. I'm guessing it's virtue signaling leftists that hate America...
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    Social Security is a scam..