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    Cleveland.Com top 25
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    Tim's top 20 in Cincinnati

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    MaxPrep top 100, three schools from Cincinnati
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    D2 odds

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    7 on 7 in Ohio

    Can someone give me some clarification on why 7 on 7 is not bigger in Ohio?
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    After a great year in '21, it safe to assume that the Vikings have bought into Coach Parker system. Do they have enough firepower to reach the mountain top in the GMC?
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    LaSalle 2022

    I decided to start a Lancer thread, since one hasn't been started. What do the Lancers have coming back in '22?
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    Your team's biggest victory in 20 years?

    What's your team's biggest victory in 20 years? Even though Winton Woods has 2 State crowns in that period. The first win over GCL power Elder gave the Warriors a seat at the big boy table in Cincinnati.
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    Winton Woods 2022

    Well... it's time to turn the page and start a new Winton Woods thread. The Warriors have returned to the mountain top, now the question is can they stay there. They lose a lot of key players on both sides of the ball. The offensive side of the ball is were the questions begin, who will be the...
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    Why Canton?

    The trip from Cincinnati to Canton is no joke, Why can't the Championship rotate to a more southern local occasionally i.e Columbus.
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    Winton Woods vs Piqua

    This game is rather rare in the Regional finals, seem like all the heavy hitters were in the bottom bracket and Piqua played lesser competition. Oh well... here we are can the Warriors slow down 1800 yard rusher Melody and contain the Piqua passing attack? Can Piqua match Winton Woods physical...
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    Winton Woods v Kings

    Alright time for the Warriors to turn the page, and face the ECC 2020 co- champions. A lot of questions will be answered Friday night.
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    Week 2 Winton Woods v Lasalle

    2 of the states premier programs renew their heated rivalry, let the conversation begin.
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    Winton Woods '21

    A lot of changes at WW, real intrigue at how this team performs out the gate, WW could easily be 0-2 to start the season if they come out playing sloppy. *I predict they start 2-0
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    Princeton recruiting violations