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    POLL - Which current NFL QB would you want for the next 5 years?

    Which of the following current NFL QB's would you want leading your team for the next 5 years?
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    2021 Conference Bowl Game Records

    AMERICAN 3-0 ACC 0-1 BIG 12 1-0 BIG TEN C-USA 3-5 INDEPENDENTS 2-1 MAC 2-5 MOUNTAIN WEST 5-1 PAC-12 0-1 SEC 0-4 SUN BELT 3-1 (I’ll try to update each day)
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    Notre Dame 2022

    Bearcats dodge a bullet with ND selection of Marcus Freeman as their new HC. Wish him well as he is a class act!
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    GCL vs. GMC playoff games 2021

    The GCL swept the GMC in the 2020 match-ups 4-0 in the following games.... GCL vs. GMC playoff #7 Elder 42 #10 Fairfield 39 #11 Moeller 43 #6 Hamilton 27 #7 Elder 26 #2 Princeton 21 #3 St. Xavier 10 #1 Lakota West 7 And now it's time for the 2021 playoff match-ups between the GCL & the GMC...
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    The Unclean Descend Upon Notre Dame

    It was a pleasure to be part of “the unclean” wearing red while at Notre Dame stadium on Saturday. Unshaven, beer drinking hicks such as myself had a great day taking over the pristine campus in South Bend. Cincy red was everywhere. Cincy fans were in front of me, next to me and behind me. The...